Gaiscioch Magazine Staff

The Gaiscioch Magazine staff is comprised of volunteers who put their professional skills to work to create our quarterly magazine centered around the lives of gamers and developers. Each issue goes through several key stages from conceptualizing, writing, editing, and proofing. The team donates their own time to make this magazine a success and none of this would be possible without their unwavering support.

Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley Managing Editor
Eiahn Matthews Content Manager
Briseadh Senior Editor
Jairone Senior Editor
GmaFog Senior Editor
Gilliebod Senior Editor
Jae Onasi Senior Editor
Dan "Spanyell" Beers Senior Editor
Izmina Senior Editor
Aoibheann Editor
Prissy Editor
Lakshmi Editor
Haggal Editor
Elaenna Editor
Robdalf Editor
Kyla Rose Editor
Seacoral Editor
Rofii Editor
Lilacsky Editor
Moe Editor
MrFallenAngel Editor
OldGoat Writer
Edward "Screenager" Orr Writer
Soren Writer
Donaliam Writer
Pops Writer
Caytlynne of Skye Writer
Wulf the Adventurer Writer
Shea Writer
Wind Writer
Ckemikal Writer
meaghs Writer
LordMelchom Writer
Brett "Radiologikal" Chouinard Writer
Balry Writer
Corebix Writer
Eluveittie Writer
Gaiscioch Writer
GpaFog Writer
Michael "Smitty" Smith Writer
SwordandKeyboard Writer
Vaelushyn Writer
Varder Writer
WilliamBrandis Writer
Neoyoshi Artist
Gribbix Writer
Michael Fager Writer
Rhikki Writer
ViciousGnome Writer

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