City of the Shroud

City of the Shroud™ combines deep tactics gameplay with the on-your-toes action of a fighting game in an immersive, community-driven narrative. Choose your allies wisely and fight to build their strength - your choices, and those of every other player, will determine the fate of the city. Will you save Iskendrun from itself, or will you doom the city to annihilation? The story is a new approach to video game narrative: a live, episodic campaign written by a chart-topping novelist where every player’s actions will impact how the story unfolds, and the cumulative consequences will fuel the next episode. As the story moves towards its conclusion, the stakes will grow higher and higher as you are forced to make choices that will shake Iskendrun to its very core - and permanently affect the direction of the story. With the whole city turned against itself, can you make the right choice?

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