Gaiscioch Magazine Invites First 500 Warriors to Join Conqueror's Blade CBT

It’s time Generals! has announced a brand CBT for their upcoming MMORPG, Conqueror's Blade. During previous test weekends, we were blown away by a game that makes spilling guts and gaining glory utterly gorgeous and it’s finally time to get back into action. If you’re wondering why we are so enthusiastic about another battle for supremacy against the old titans of the MMO landscape, you can join us as we cut a swathe through the open world for the next few days, and give away 500 codes to this impressive new game.

For those of you that have pre-ordered the game, or already have a code, you can log into your account and join the action right now until 15 February. If you haven’t already got your shield and spear to hand, scroll on down to find out how you can get in on the action.

To give you a glimpse of what to expect this weekend watch the brand new trailer below, as the developer, Booming Games, adds a whole new horizon to this weekends battle. This time around, players are able to venture out into the open world of Conqueror’s Blade, battling other Generals, fighting off bandits, building cities, and conquering their rival's territory. The siege mode that went hot join during the last test is for real this time.

If you want to grab a beta key to join us, just use the link below, follow the instructions to enter your email and wait for a key.  One lucky winner is going to get an extra special piece of the action, with a Explorer Pack for the full game.

Fancy your chances? Grab a code, log into your account, Click on the Profile option, choose ‘Redeem a Promo Code’, and sharpen your sword.

You can join us this weekend over on Twitch, for the Streams of Epic Adventure Episode 89 as we take a deep dive into Conqueror's Blade.


NOTE: CBT Keys are designed to work mainly for our Launcher and not Steam. So to claim, you will need to either login with Twitter, Facebook, or register a account with an email of your choice.

About Conqueror's Blade

Produced by Booming Games following 5 years of development, Conqueror’s Blade represents a flagship sandbox PC warfare game that goes across ancient Eastern and Western civilizations. Conqueror’s Blade’s core design is innovativeness which hybrids action and tactic game plays. Player enjoys smooth hero action combat and sophisticated tactic control of corps together. The game perfectly recreates weapons, armors and corps of many civilizations such as European sword knight, and Swiss halberdier. Besides that, the game unprecedentedly ushers in splendid “world sandbox” featuring the most complimented game play in Conqueror’s Blade. In this connection, Players can acquire vast territory. With an aim of mirroring Medieval history, Conqueror’s Blade strives unremittingly to deliver immersive and authentic conqueror’s warfare experience to our players.

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