Classically Inspired RTS Bannerman Receives a Major Post-Launch Patch

If you were a fan of Classic RTS games like Warcraft, Warlords Battlecry, or Kingdoms Under Fire you should really be paying attention to Bannerman. This classically infused RTS brings back that good ol' nostalgic feeling while bringing new graphics and gameplay mechanics to the mix. The developers over at Pathos Interactive and publisher 2tainment GmBH are inviting players to explore what’s new as they release their first major post-launch patch. Here's a look at today's announcement.

Today’s content update (1.1.0) brings with it a treasure trove of new content just waiting to be explored. Along with new units, a new map, and a plethora of polishes and bug fixes, the Bannermen update also boasts new features added after extensive collaboration with the community.
In celebration of all the new content and improvements, Pathos is holding an official tournament on Sunday, April 7, with a $500 USD grand prize.


What’s new in the update:    

  • Two new units are now available: The Vanguard and Ballista. The Vanguard is a semi-armored melee unit with an impressive attack range and even more impressive defensive abilities. The Ballista is a heavy range unit with an unrivaled attack range. Ballista has a special ability that allows them to fire an arrow with a chain attached to the unit. When the arrow makes contact with the enemy, the Ballista pulls the enemy in close for an easier defeat.
  •  A new skirmish map is included in the update. The map can hold up to four players and is designed especially for 2v2 games, but it also plays well in 1v1.
  • In-game chat is now available, as requested by the community.
  • Tactical pause has been added, as requested by the community. Pause your game, rework your battle plans in response to your enemy’s previous actions, then un-pause and continue the battle.
  • A third difficulty level has been added to the campaign, making Bannermen more welcoming to casual players and newcomers to the Real-Time Strategy genre

For more information, please visit the Bannermen website:

About Bannermen

Bannermen is a real-time strategy game that aims to refresh the classical RTS genre. Bannermen takes you back to a time where power lies with the one who carries the sword. Test your abilities as a battle commander in this medieval semi-fantasy world. Prove your worth by conquering lands and make your banner strike fear into even the mightiest of enemies.

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