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"It's not what you have that defines you. It's what you give, that speaks volumes of your character."
- Martina Foley

While our mission is not to make money, we do not want to hinder the ability for game companies to get their title seen by the global gaming community. Additionally the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community has always been heavily involved in children's charities like Extra Life, Candlelighters for Children with Cancer, Project Night Night, and Project Smile.

What we have come up with is a system that benefits these charities in the form of donations in exchange for advertising. It is important to us that we help these children in their darkest hour, and provide them with the support to find bright futures any way we can.

We have several ad packages available which we sell in the form of tiered donations towards our designated issue charity. Each issue we will be targeting a charity to help raise money for kids in need. It is our hope, that we provide these children a second chance at life, and allow them to create lasting epic memories of their own.

Providing Children With A Chance To Make Epic Memories Of Their Own Since 2011.

Pricing Structure: TBA