Gaiscioch Magazine History

  • APR 30, 2015Gaiscioch Magazine Releases Issue 5: Live Epic, kicking off their new theme of Living Epic. This issue featured ArenaNet environmental artist Tirzah Bauer, legendary producer Paul Neurath, and the Massively Overpowered team.
  • JAN 27, 2015Gaiscioch Magazine Releases Issue 4: New Beginnings, wrapping up their first year of publication. This issue featured City State Entertainments' Mark Jacobs, Citadel Studios' Derek Brinkmann, epic music composer Ivan Torrent, and Warhorse Studios' Jiří Rýdl.
  • OCT 23, 2014Gaiscioch Magazine Releases Issue 3: Overcoming Adversity, expanding it's feature lineup with inspiring interviews from Spicy Horse's American McGee, Hollywood Stuntman & Amputee Brett Smrz, Adaptive Athlete Anthony Davis, and the remarkable story of Dubstep Violinist & YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling.
  • JUN 26, 2014Gaiscioch Magazine Releases Issue 2: From Camelot to Tamriel, scoring exclusive interviews with Zenimax Online Studios' Matt Firor, ArenaNet's Colin Johanson, and Trion Worlds' Scott Hartsman.
  • MAR 26, 2014Gaiscioch Magazine Ships Issue 1 to 5,000 members of the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community and over 60 members of the press.
  • JAN 2014The Gaiscioch Magazine was founded by Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley and members of the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community as a free, online digital publication aimed at gamers and developers.