A Midsummer's Wedding: A Lord of the Rings Online Guide

On June 30th, 2020, new content was added to the Lord of the Rings Online game, which continues the story by adding Volume V Book 1. It is the long-awaited wedding of Aragorn, excuse me, King Elessar and Arwen. The story itself does not take that long to play through but I highly suggest you read and pay attention to what is going on the first time through. I will tell you the flow and how to get people for this story, but will leave the full fun of the story conversations for you to read for yourself while playing.

Why did I say the first time through? You will want to play every character through this story because you will get an additional Trait Point. That’s right, this point allows you to use 95 now instead of the previous limit of 94. This point could help you gain one more skill up on that trait tree you have for the endgame.

This story was introduced along with the new Midsummer Festival, which has you doing all sorts of things to prepare for the wedding. I won’t go into detail about the festival in this guide, but you will find some of the things easy to do mixed in with the wedding story itself. The best part is seeing a restructured Minas Tirith all decked out with summer blooms. 

How do I get there? Glad you asked. During the festival, a quest will pop up and you acquire a map item to travel there directly. After that, you can ride there from the South Bree stable or transition to the midsummer version via the stable master in the first circle of Minas Tirith. The map will position you outside the gate so you have to run in, whereas the horse ride will leave you outside the City Stables on the first circle just inside the gate.

To start the story you must ride to the top of the city. Thankfully, when you first arrive the High Stable is immediately accessible. The other stables on the various circles in between will all open up as soon as you speak to any stable master, other than the City Stable or High Stable masters. Like the pre-battle Minas Tirith setup, the highest horse stable is on the ring below where the court is located. It’s quicker to dismount as soon as you load in from the quick travel so that you are close to the ramp to the top.

King Elessar will be in the Tower of Echelion. After you talk to him, you will turn around to find Rodwen, who will instruct you on what to do next for the wedding. However, she wants to meet you somewhere more private to discuss things. It’s a secluded spot and can be easily missed if not paying attention. Once outside the court, turn left and run to the door of the High Guest House, but don’t go in. There is a narrow passage to the left that leads to a stair. Rodwen will talk to you at the top of this stair.

After your brief discussion, she sends you back into the plaza to talk to Isteron. He is almost straight across the plaza from the High Guest House door. There are some questions about what some hobbits wish to do as part of the wedding. Not far from Isteron (to your right when facing him) you will find Frodo and Sam. After a discussion with them, the quest tells you to follow the smell of pipe smoke. At first, this confused me but running further along to the wall and up a stair, past the first two hobbits, I acquired the update. The only way to go from there is along the wall until you find Merry and Pippin. They are quite amused and send you off to check out what they acquired.

It is faster to continue along the wall to the great ship prow and use the stair there to return to the plaza. It also drops down close to the ramp that will take you to the sixth circle. Pay attention as you exit the ramp because the next thing to do is click on a large pile of blue decorations. This leads to a conversation with Legalos and Cufaron about the decorations.

Then you must talk to Mithrandir. He has his own ideas of what to add to the celebration, of course. He is off to your right if you are facing the pile of blue decorations and not too far along the circle. He wants you to go up to his room and acquire some fireworks. To get there, run back up the ramp and to the High Guest House. Inside, go left and up the stairs entering a room where there is a doorway on the other side. His room is at the end of that short hallway on the other side of the doorway, and the crate of fireworks will be on your left next to his bed. Pay attention, you will have to root around in this crate gathering up fireworks more than one time. Be sure you have all you can carry (the box will stop sparkling and the quest will update on your tracker) before you run back to Mithrandir.


Next, you must find Gimli in the Splintered Shield on the second circle. I went from the top down to the High Stable on the sixth circle, take a left at the bottom of the ramp, and at the end of the tunnel, you will find the stable on the left. Ride to the City Stable if you can’t ride to the Soldiers. As noted above, you do not have the horses between the City and High Stables until you reach at least one of them. Since Gimli is not too far south of the Soldiers Stable, I found it best to ride along the first circle, run up the ramp, talk to the stable master and then continue on to Gimli, if my character had not opened up other circles by this point.


Gimli and his friend are passed out at the table where he has been working on writing a speech. There are a few things that happen here to help get Gimli organized and be sure everything goes according to plan. You will talk to Gimli and his friend. In the process of this, you have to talk to the proprietor and some Gondorians about a dispute that could cause an issue with the wedding. You also talk to the proprietor to acquire a barrel of ale for the wedding feast. You can’t have a proper feast without ale if you invited a dwarf or two. Once you have helped sort out his notes on the table you can finish checking out the threat.

The wrinkled note you acquire about the threat must go to Mithrandir. Run back to the stable not far from the Splintered Shield and ride to the High Stable. Jump off as soon as you load back in from the quick ride and run south to Mithrandir. After your quick discussion with him, you must tell King Elessar about this. 

Again, I am not telling the whole story here, just telling you how to get to the various points with ease and not get lost. Please read the story as you go through the first time since a lot happens with Gimli and the others at the Splintered Shield. You will miss the whole point of it if you don’t read.

Once the information is given to the king, he will send you back down to the gate to talk to Hurin. He is fairly close to the City Stable. He requests that you go outside the gate to greet the new arrivals. The Elves have arrived escorting the bride, Arwen. You will talk to quite a few of them before you can turn around and see that King Elessar has come out to greet them in person.

Talking to King Elessar will take you into the instance for the wedding. You only have a bit you have to do here other than watch. You talk to the king and watch as they assemble for the wedding, which is at the end of the great ship prow, and then stand next to Merry and Pippin on the right to commence the ceremony. Once the ceremony starts you can move around at will for screenshots if you like, but be sure to do the interactions as required. Pay attention because there are some fun things to note as the speeches and vows are shared. In the end, you get to see all the wonderful fireworks you had to haul out of Mithrandir’s room for him.

Once the wedding is over you will get to interact to exit the instance. It nicely pops you out right in front of Rodwen, whom you must speak to again. She will tell you to enter the feast hall which is behind her. Run upstairs via the right side to find Merethien to continue the story. You will have a variety of people to talk to so pay attention and be sure not to skip interacting with anyone with a ring over their head. It is really full in here with lots of names. It might be easier to see the rings if the names are off. 

So what is the flow of things here? You will first interact with Pippin and Merry. They will lead you through a few conversations. Then you will be told you have a message. This leads you outside to deal with some rough sorts who turn out to be the Grey Company. Talk to them and return to the festivities.

Once inside, go up the stairs to the left and talk to King Elessar. He will send you to talk to Faramir who is at one end of the wedding table.

The final part of this instance has you check out a disturbance. It is Grimbeorn showing up in bear form scaring the kitchen master, who ran up to warn everyone about the bears. Once Grimbeorn and King Elessar talk, the instance will end.

You will pop out of the instance in the court where you will talk to the king and Arwen. Once done with this conversation, you will talk to Mithrandir outside. He is tucked along the wall just left of the entrance to the tower where the court is located. Once you talk to him, you will have completed Volume V, Book 1.

You will acquire a new steed at the end of Chapter 7 and the trait point along with a wine table are obtained at the end of Chapter 8. You will also find that it talks about future plans for Book 2 of this new volume. More is to come to keep the Lord of the Rings Online a vibrant game with new things to check out.

Published: August 20th, 2020   |  10,843 Reads

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