Attention! Commander on Deck

This program was built just for Sanctum of Rall to track progress on the battlefield every 15 minutes. It allows commanders to claim lead on any borderland, eternal battleground, or be listed as a roaming unit.

For the Commanders:

Before you can use this program you need to log into, go to the Account Settings and flag yourself as a commander. On this page you can also choose a Primary Guild so that the community can see which guilds their leaders represent - if you don’t have that option you’ll need to check to make sure you’ve joined your guild on the site.

Now return to the homepage where the SOR Commanders on Deck bar is located and Claim Lead. You will be directed to the Take Command screen that gives you the option of choosing a scheduled or a pick up event, the zone in which you intend to fight, the length of time for your event (default is 2 hrs please adjust according to your preference), and gives a passcode for your event.

Once you Start Command it directs you to the Confirmation Page where you can copy the chat macro with event information to paste it into Team or Squad chat in game so your followers can claim participation for your event.

All scores are automatically tracked via the Guild Wars 2 API every 15 minutes. Your final score will be calculated 24 hours after the end of your event to allow all of your participants time to claim your event.

For the Participants:

The Commander you choose to follow in battle will provide a six digit code in Team or Squad chat which is good for 24 hours from the end of the event. Once you are logged into the Sanctum of Rall website you can use that code in the Claim Participation Passcode box.

You will be directed to an Event Recap page where you can write a review of the commander and give them a Commander Commendation for their leadership.

For All:

Highlighting the top Commanders and Participants in WvW.


  • Weekly raffle for the WvW Commanders, WvW Participants and SOR Members.
  • Monthly raffle for the WvW commanders and WvW participants.
Published: April 6th, 2015   |  3,715 Reads

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