Exploring Bleakrock Isle

Hi. I am Prissy, the directionally challenged explorer. I have been killed and my soul has been taken. No, wait, I am alive! I have somehow been brought back to life without a soul.

Who brought me back and why? Where am I? What am I supposed to do? Who are all these people around me? Who the heck is the Prophet and what does he have to do with me? Why is he calling me a vestige? Skyshards, dark anchors, no soul, lions, tigers, and bears...Oh My! Wait, is this a dream or a nightmare? Come on Prissy, wake up!

As I open my eyes I realize that it was no dream; it was a nightmare. I did die, but I am now alive. The Prophet, who I rescued in my dream, is standing in front of me once again in ghostly form. I am in a building somewhere; there are sounds coming from outside, and the scent does not smell like home. The Prophet is alive, but he is somewhere else in this land. He is once again talking to me in my mind, which I think I am slowly losing. He says I am to go explore this world, meet and help the people who rescued me, and make new friends while he sorts out what is going on. Is he nuts? I have to do this alone without help? Easy for him to say. The Prophet’s ghostly form is now gone; he went to find a safe place for us to meet, leaving me utterly alone. I have ragged and unclean clothes on (hope no one takes a deep breath), no shoes; I am only armed with the weapons I picked up while rescuing the Prophet, and I am not very good at using them. I simply want to go back to bed, cover my head up, and hope this nightmare ends soon. What is one person suppose to do? Why me?!

I am afraid to open the door and see what is out there; I am afraid it will look like my nightmare. But I cannot stand here forever! I have to just turn the doorknob and get moving, exploring, meeting new people (both good and bad), figure out who took my soul and take it back, take my revenge. Mmmm I like the sound of that.

I have several choices to make, stay in Davon’s Watch or go help the people who pulled me from the water. As I step out of the house I see a man by the well; I decide to talk to him. His name is Riurik; he suggests that I go talk to Liezl because she would be able to tell me about the people who brought me here. I found Liezl at the docks, and she took me by boat to an island called Bleakrock. I found myself on the docks of this island slightly seasick, and with the instructions to find Captain Rana. The excitement of exploring is now overriding my fear of the unknown. The great adventure has begun. Beware world, Prissy is on the loose!

I found Captain Rana in her office issuing a lot of orders to people. She looks haggard, as if the weight of the world is on her shoulder. I listen to her concerns; she is looking for some missing people, and she is trying to decide whether to flee the island or stay. I offer to help look for the missing people to fulfil my newfound hunger for exploration and adventure. I am told to find Darg at the Skyshroud Barrow, Rolunda and Eiman at the Orkey’s Hollow, and Sergeant Seyne at Hozzin’s Folly. I must get them back to town and report to Captain Rana. I have my orders and a sense of purpose, I am feeling human again.

After exiting Captain Rana’s office I have no idea which direction to go. So I shut my eyes, spin around and go the direction I am facing. When I open my eyes the rising sun blinds me momentarily, and I realize I will be heading east; it is good to see the bright sun after the horror of the last few days. And so I begin my journey to gather the missing people by walking through the east opening of the village wall; at that moment I notice a lot of flowers, iron ore, and shiny things called runes. I immediately decide to collect them all. I also wonder about all the things I could make with them; it would be great if I could make some new clothes, weapons, and food to support myself. I will have to check with Captain Rana when I get back. But, I also see a lot of wolves that I must kill before they kill me. Ouch!!! That wolf tore a hole in my clothes; I hope his hide can help make me new ones.

Look there is a man in front of that tent, I wonder if he is one of the missing people. This man is in bad shape and his name is Hoknir, and he is missing a foot because something called Deathclaw ate it. Why only his foot and why is the thing not dead? Now he wants me to kill it. Do I look like a mighty hunter and why is he out here? I think Captain Rana is missing more than the three she sent me after. Hoknir makes four. Deathclaw is dead and there is nothing in his cave - no trace of the missing foot.

I have gone east as far as I can go so let’s go north. The island population of wolves is decreasing to help with my new set of clothes. There are butterflies and globugs that a local told me was used in fishing. Yumm, fried fish. I just spotted someone running towards me. I can not tell if it is friend or foe. Prepare for battle! Ok false alert he is one of the missing people I am to find so I must be close to Skyshroud Barrow. I found Darj and he is hurt and wants to know if I am good with my weapons. Is he nuts? So I lied and said, “Yes how can I help you?” He wants me to summon the Dragon Priest and help him, since they are desecrating his tomb. So ok here we go again. Watch out for the skeletons, they are very angry and hurt alot when attacked. I died several times trying to get this done. Maybe next time I will not lie and say I am good with these weapons. Mission accomplished the tomb is now safe, though after the Dragon Priest called me a worm I think the bad guys can have his tomb back. One thing I did notice is a skyshard located in front of the tomb. I remember the Prophet said to collect all that I could find. Darj has now been sent back to Captain Rana.

Ok, back to finding the other missing people. I can still go north so off I go. I smell smoke from a campfire, bandits! I just killed one and he had a note on him. I now need to burn their supplies and rescue the captive. I have a torch and I have burned the supplies, now to find the captive. Of course, he can not be up by the supplies. Oh no, he is all the way in the back and I had to fight my way back to him. He is now on his way back to Captain Rana and his name is Bjorynoff. This will make 5 people rescued. Rescuing all these people is helping me to become familiar with my weapons again.

From the camp I can see an island to the northwest, think I will head there. The water is cold here, full of chunks of ice. I can see bears on the island and see a light flickering in a cave. Guess I will head for the cave and hope there are no bears. No bears just Rolunda. She is upset because her brother went into the cave and has not returned. She keeps talking about a Frozen Man and missing people and that this place is called Orkey’s Hollow. Before I went in I collected the skyshard in front of the cave. I have rescued Rolunda’s brother, Eiman, from Orkey’s Hollow. The Frozen Man knew I had no soul and offered me his which was black and gooey. I declined. I think I am better off the way I am now. Rolunda and Eiman are now on their way to Captain Rana.

I finished exploring the island. Nothing else here, going to head west now. Found a really nice fishing camp called Paddlefloe Fishing Camp. No one was at home but a fire was going and fish were drying. It is a nice place to rest and maybe do a little fishing. I can see land on the other side of the water. That looks like a good direction to go.

Spiders, lots of spiders, spitting poison and webs. The hair on the back of my neck is standing straight up. Must I go that way? I shudder and take a deep breath. Here I go. As I round the corner I see a hunter’s camp and an Argonian is standing by the fire. She looks a little green under her scales. She wants me to find her three missing friends, which you guessed right, have been taken by the spiders to their caves. Mission accomplished. All three friends rescued, freed from the spiders’ cocoons. The Argonians have their own boat waiting for them so they are taking the boat and leaving the area. My count is now up to eight people rescued from the island.

Not much else on the coastline, I am going to head south now still looking for Sergeant Seyne at a place called Hozzin’s Folly. I see a dead body in the road and someone is standing by the body. I approach carefully to see who it is. Thank goodness the dead body is not Sergent Seyne, but a bandit that she killed. She has a mission for me to take the clothes off the dead guy, put them on as a disguise, collect three items from the building below, bluff my way into the mine, and discover what it going on. I carefully take the dead man’s clothes and decide I would put them over mine, since I really did not want them touching me. I am not squeamish, just prissy. I fought my way to the three items and then put the disguise on to enter the mine. I found a skyshard in the middle of the mine and at the end of the mine discovered what was going one. Mission accomplished. Sergeant Seyne is on her way back to Captain Rana.

Still more island to explore. I think I will finish exploring before heading back to report in. I continued to head south. I passed the Wayshrine that has allowed me to revive and continue my adventure. A lady runs up to me chattering like a squeaky squirrel and I cannot figure out what she is saying. She shakes her head and says her name is Molla. I can finally understand her. Someone put a curse on her and her three friends using a wand and turned them into skeevers (not squirrels). I have to find them. Well, I am heading out to continue my exploration, so I might as well look for them, also. Since they are now skeevers I bet they have all gone in different directions. I will continue my route to the south.

I just met Halmaira. She is very upset. She cannot find her husband or dog, or was it her dog and husband. They went fishing and have not returned. She gave me a dog whistle to call the dog. I am heading to the barn to see what I can see and use the whistle. Wow, the dog actually came and wants me to follow him. Can you guess where he is going to take me? Yep, good dog. Husband and dog safely home. While I was waiting for Geilund to recover from his near drowning I saw a statue across the ice flow and I went to see it. Very interesting, two figures on top of the rock sort of looking maybe like dwarfs. Halmaira and family sent to Captain Rana. This makes eleven. Oh, found one skeever and uncursed him. I also found the other two while re-exploring the island and uncursed them.

I returned to the town and talked to Molla and was glad to hear that all her friends made it back and had reported to Captain Rana. Total rescued is now fifteen. Now time to report to Captain Rana that all the people of Bleakrock have been found and she can leave the island.
My last assignment before I leave the island is to light the signal fire to warn Davon’s Watch of an attack coming by sea and to prepare for a fight. I light the signal fire and when I return to the town it is under attack. The fires need put out and people need to be gathered up and pointed in direction of the tomb. Once this is done a ship is waiting for us on the other side of the tomb. Captain Rana will lead us all to safety.

We have landed on the shore of a little camp called Dhalmora and here the people of Bleakrock will rest except me. Captain Rana requests that I head to the Dhlamora Watchtower to find kindlepitch to light the signal fire at Bal Foyen.

In Dhlamora there was an Argonian crying about his children being lost. His name was Esqoo. I stopped to offer to help seeing I am getting pretty good at finding lost things, well, except my soul. I was surprised he was not talking about an argonian child, but the beasts that carry his goods. Umm, guars I think he called them. I said I would help and he gave me some stinkweed to feed them when I found them. Oh good, something else to make my clothes smell wonderful. I found another Skyshard behind the merchant hut, which is the highest hut in the town.

Finally, made it to the watchtower, but noone was there just a note saying that the kindlepitch powder is at Fort Zoran. Had to fight my way to Fort Zoran and on my way there I found an argonian hiding in some bushes. He said his three friends were lost in the area and if I saw them to send them to Dhalmora, where they will all meet up. I had the way clear for him, so sent him on his way. His name was Wenaxi. A lot of lost and misplaced people out here. I could open a new business and call it - Lost and Found. Just outside Fort Zoran I discovered an Overlook that looks like you could have a grand party on it and the view was of the plantation below. There is a wayshrine in Fort Zoran and I also found another skyshard behind the wayshrine.

Iron-claws, the Argonian, was waiting for me outside of Fort Zoran and wanted to know if I would help him conduct an experiment using Netch eggs. It sounded intriguing so long as I did not have to get the eggs. He wanted me to throw the eggs at the Covenant soldiers in the area. I was thinking better egg in their face instead of mine. The only thing I have to say is I want more eggs! It was awesome fun.

I talked to Quartermaster Urona at Fort Zoran and she is sending me to Bal Foyen docks to see Quartermaster Lineem to get the kindlepitch powder and to warn her of the incoming invasion. It was a nice walk to Bal Foyen docks. I found the missing guars and the lost argonians. All should be in Dhalmora when I return. Quartermaster Lineem gave me the kindlepitch powder and showed me a shortcut to the signal fires, which were of course guarded by Convenant guards. Success signal fires lit. Davon’s watch has now been warned. I see movement below me, going to go investigate. Nice place sort of hidden and out of the way, a good place to land and hide enemy troops. I also found another Skyshard on a boat in the shipyard. Strange place for a skyshard.

I need to head back to Dhalmora and let them know that the signal fires have been lit. I am to talk to Aera Earth Turner. I have two paths I can take after talking to her and if I chose one the other might fail. Aera can not help me make the choice, but she can help me talk my way through it. I now have the fate of these people on my hands and I have to make a choice. I will not tell you my choice. A choice was made and I will have to live with it. Let’s just say to some I am a hero and have been sent to Davon’s Watch to report to Holgunn. I shall rest a while in Davon’s Watch before I adventure out. In my short walk through Devon’s Watch, I have found the Fighter’s guild, Mage’s guild, Undaunted guild and many other people needing help.
I shall end with this saying, “Life is full and I am glad to be alive.”

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