First Look at Fallout 76: Wild Appalachia

With the release of Wild Appalachia to Fallout 76, Bethesda added some new crafting stations that can be acquired in the special quest chain. I hopped in to see how this worked out. Appalachia was wild enough without crazy drinks given out at frat parties.

There are two ways to initiate the required quest, Wasted on Nukashine, that starts you on the adventure of learning all about Nukashine. You can find an existing poster to a fraternity party out in the world, looking around train stations is a good place. The other option, available through April 8th, is to buy it for free from the Atomic Shop and then place it in your camp. Once you have read the poster, whether out in the world or at your camp once it is placed on a wall, the quest will start leading you to the party site.

At the party site you will explore the place for information about the drink they acquired. Of course, you get to take out some party crashers in the process. Scourge will find ways to ruin anything fun. You have to try drinking some of the Nukashine you find and you come to at a random place in Appalachia, with no idea how you got there. Thankfully I didn’t wind up in too bad of a place, though it could have proven higher level than the character I was playing at the time.

The riddle to find the right location for the Nukashine supplier proved rather easy, especially since the statue outside the university is obvious. It’s not far from the statue, probably so the students could remember how to find the place. Nukashine holds quite a punch, as you learned first hand already.

I had fun digging around and finding all the information I needed to complete the recipe. It included running to another frat house to find a password. Once I had the completed recipe I had to go and find some corn and razorgrain. Thankfully, the quest marks a nice spot close by where you can get plenty of both.

I did have trouble with the option to ferment it faster because of a targeting issue. I had to log out and come back to make it work.

When you have the quest completed, you can return to your camp and go into the build mode. Under crafting you will find the brewing station and the fermentor. If you have the required parts and space, you can set them up immediately.

Now the adventure will be finding more recipes for brewing, but during my play time I figured a few other things they changed in this patch and possibly in one or two that happened during my hiatus from the game.

Per the patch notes they changed the cost of building materials for your camp. My camp was at full usage the last time I played, but when I logged on after the patch I had maybe 15% of my budget bar clear for more building. I finished off the upper floor of my camp and added my new crafting stations with room to spare.

I also found that the storage was increased from 600 to 800, allowing me to off load a lot of things I did not want to get rid of, but could not fit in my storage. I still have things I need to sell to the vendors, found at the train stations. Overall, this change made me the happiest because crafting can take up a lot of space, along with saving higher level items for later use.

It will come in handy now to have both plants and animals at your camp to help supply your brewing needs. For instance, you do need milk if you want to make white Russians. I did see a new card called Animal Friend when I leveled up during my questing. I haven’t tried to figure that out yet. I’m not sure I trust them cows though, they have two heads!

The drinks will have both good and bad effects. Be sure to choose your drinks carefully to help your character progress the way you want. Good luck and hopefully your drinking is not the end of you out there.

Published: March 25th, 2019   |  12,118 Reads

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