Granny's Travel Guides: East Bjora Marches

Welcome to the sights and sounds of the eastern half of Bjora Marches. It is a fast-paced, dark and cold place from all the snowstorms and unsettled problems with the Sons of Svanir. Whispers will be heard in this sector where the second episode of The Icebood Saga called “Whisper in the Dark” takes place. To start clearing this area, it is imperative to start your Raven Attunement mastery as soon as you get into the area because the Raven Bond is necessary to unlock the gates into the other sectors. Pondering how to present this guide, I decided to describe this zone as the paths take us. The areas that will be discussed are: 

Jora's Keep

Jora’s Keep is swamped with events, monsters coming from every side, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. It is definitely a team effort to enjoy this area.


  • Jora's Keep Waypoint

Point of interest:

  • General's Quarters is in the keep through the southern door, first room on you left.
  • Vigil Gate is right next to the waypoint.


  • Winter Root Vegetables
  • Mithril Ore
  • Eternal Ice Shards.

Merchants and other spots to know about:

  • Karma-Merchant: Miscellaneous items, Ancient Boreal Weapons, Restored Boreal Weapons,  and Curious Stones from afar.
  • Regular merchant: Basic farming tools and salvage kits.
  • Chopper: takes you to Black Citadel or Grothmar Valley and is located out the east gate on the hill.

Meta events are in both Jora’s Keep and Frozen Pass:

  • Storms of Winter
    • Help prepare Jora's Keep defenses for an icebrood attack
    • Defend Raven shrines to keep energy flowing to Havroun Weibe
    • Destroy the Northern Corrupted Shard
    • Destroy the Northern Svanir Ballistae
    • Destroy the Southern Corrupted Shard
    • Destroy the Southern Svanir Ballistae
    • Destroy the Western Corrupted Shard
    • Destroy the Western Svanir Ballistae
    • Defeat the icebrood construct before it reaches Havroun Weibe

Other events and activities:

  • Search for evidence of the massacre at Jora's Keep
  • Essence Manipulation Engineer - Training on essence manipulation

Frozen Pass

The Frozen Pass is surrounded by icy cliffs with a guard tower and a beautiful raven statue. Watch for the arctodus that will be roaming around ready to pounce.

Point of interest: 

  • Claw's Perch is west from Jora’s Keep past the raven statue at the guard tower. 


  • Cypress saplings
  • winter root vegetables
  • mithril ore
  • verdant herbs
  • eternal ice


  • Icebrood
  • Arctodus


  • Defeat the Champion Svanir Brute - Close the energy vortex.

Svanir Plateau

The Svanir plateau has four camps where there are tent type barracks and prisons enclosed near frozen cliffs. They seem to always be under attack and in need of assistance. 

Points of interest: 

These are all easily seen on the map.

  • Northeast Svanir Camp
  • Northwest Svanir Camp
  • Southeast Svanir Camp
  • Southwest Svanir Camp.


  • Eternal ice
  • Norn chests
  • mithril ore
  • winter root vegetables
  • verdant herbs


  • Various Svanir brutes and maulers
  • Arctodus
  • Veteran white moas


  • Defeat the Champion Svanir Summoner - Close the energy vortex
  • Southeast Barracks Camp
  • Northwest Barracks Camp
  • Northeast Prisoner Camp
  • Search Svanir camps for survivors

Darkrime Delves

Darkrime Delves is a cave at the base of the mountain in the northern part of the map, where Almora is found in the storyline. 

Point of interest: 

  • Darkrime Ruins is to the far north from Jora’s Keep. Follow the road west around NE Svanir Camp and you will see the entrance to the north.


  • Cypress saplings
  • Valor essence chest


  • Fallen Kodan Infantry
  • Fallen Bear Shaman

Fallen Mountains

The Fallen Mountains make up the northeast corner with ridges full of landslide rocks and boulders. The center of attention is the Bear Shrine in all its glory.

Point of interest:

  • Bear Shrine can be located from Darkrime Delves, moving east through the NE Svanir camp and veer left to the shrine.
  • Mystery of the Labyrinth is a light puzzle to complete, with the entrance accessible through the Raven’s Gate, north of the NE Svanir Camp. To get the POI, just go through the gate. If you would like shinies (multiple chests), try doing the puzzle, but beware of all the spiders.


To reach the view site, go northeast of the Fallen Mountains Vista to a set of ledges that you can jump up on a springer or fly to on a skyscale. There is also a bouncing mushroom just below the vista that you can bounce up all the way.

Bjora Marches Insight:

Fallen Mountain Overlook is just southeast of the vista and you can glide down, but be ready to be in battle with multiple fallen foes before being able to commune with the insight.


  • Cypress Saplings


  • Veteran Fallen Wolf
  • Wolf Shaman
  • Kodan
  • Leopard Shaman
  • Furfly
  • Pinipal
  • Raven Shaman.


  • Defeat the Champion Fallen Kodan Berserker  - Close the energy vortex
  • Defeat the patrolling Fallen
  • Defeat the patrolling Sons of Svanir - one of three places

Southern Mountains

Next to the gateway for Ravenfrost Caverns, there is a bouncing mushroom that will land you above on a plateau to the south of the cavern entrance. There is a tiny lean-to with 2 relief crew scouts, sitting by the fire. Take the time to hear their story, but don’t sit too close to the fire, it will hurt. 


Southern Mountains is just southeast of Jora’s Keep. Easiest way up is to jump up the ledges on a springer to the view area.


  • Winter Root Vegetables
  • Eternal Ice Shards


  • Kodan
  • Veteran Ice Wurm
  • Fallen Wolf Shaman
  • Furfly

Ravenfrost Caverns

Ravenfrost caverns is located to the southwest of Eastern Bjora Marches and its entrance is centered between two rock ledges. Just look for the big blue glow, but the raven lock mastery is needed to get into the cave. 

Point of interest

  • Aberrant Den is further north in the cavern and will need another raven lock.  An essence chest is located at the POI. Activate the portal and you will go into the Frozen Pass or move south to the other path in the cave to find the way out.

Bjora Marches Insight

Ravenfrost Caverns Insight is accessible by following the path south and the mastery is on the ridge above the path.


  • Mithril Ore
  • Eternal Ice
  • Verdant Herbs
  • Orichalcum Ore


  • Aberrant Haunt
  • Murellow
  • Imp
  • Skelk
  • Veteran Aberrant Imp


  • Defeat the Champion Aberrant Murellow
  • Stop the Svanir Ritual
  • Kill the Acolytes 
  • Stop the Svanir Ritual

Aberrant Forest

Take the path through Ravenfrost Caverns, going to the west into the Aberrant Forest. Unlock the raven gate to get out and the dark aberrant forest will engulf you with multiple foes to fight.

Point of interest:

  • Boneskinner Den is part of the storyline What’s left Behind - You need to have raven lock mastery to get in otherwise. Coming out of the tunnel from Ravenfrost Caverns, turn north and follow the mountain edge to the raven gate. It is full of snow truffles to farm.
  • Ruined Hut is west of Ravenfrost Caverns. Coming from the cavern, just follow the road west and make a u-turn where the road veers to the southwest. There is someone to talk to and help inside the structure.
  • Bjora Marches Insight: Aberrant Forest Insight is on top of a ledge, south from the exit of Ravenfrost Cavern. Move toward the mountain ridge to the southwest and jump up for the mastery.
  • Farming: Cypress saplings, eternal ice, verdant herbs, and orichalcum ore.
  • Foes: Aberrant haunt, murellow, imp, skelk, veteran aberrant imp.


  • Escort the relief crew to the Aberrant Forest
  • Kill the nightmares hiding the survivors
  • Defeat the Champion Aberrant Murellow - Close the energy vortex
  • Defeat the Boneskinner
  • Defeat the Champion Aberrant Skelk - Close the energy vortex
  • Defeat the patrolling Aberrant enemies - Trial of Koda: Defeat the leader of the enemy patrol 
  • Defeat the patrolling Sons of Svanir - one of three places

Fallen Ruins

The Fallen Ruins is a section of broken brick buildings that lay in piles of rubble. There are multiple foes to fight, so be on your guard.

    • Vista: Fallen Ruins Vista is northwest of the ruined hut in the Aberrant Forest. Just below the view point, jump up on the broken walls and boulders to make your way up.
    • Farming: Winter root vegetables, cypress saplings, and mithril ore.
    • Foes: Fallen leopard shaman and fallen furfly.
  • Events:
  • Defeat the Champion Fallen Leopard Shaman - Close the energy vortex

Raven Sanctum

The Raven Sanctum is just northwest of Fallen Ruins with an entrance to a cave. In the cavern, there is an entrance for strike missions and an exit showing the way to West Bjora Marches. It seems to be a quiet cavern away from the craziness of the outer Bjora Marches.

  • Point of interest:
    • Raven Pass is in the cavern to the northwest of Fallen Ruins
    • Raven's Gate is up the road from Claw Perch, turning left and keep following the road until you see a blue portal circle.
  • Vista: Asgeir's Legacy Vista is at the entrance to Asgeir’s Legacy - move up the path northwest and it is on the top of the mountain to the west of the road. Use a springer to jump up the ledges.
  • Farming: Mithril ore
  • Foes: Fallen Leopard Shaman and Fallen Furfly at the entrance to the cave.
  • Strike Missions: Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen, Fraenir of Jormag, and Boneskinner

Asgeir's Legacy

Asgeir’s Legacy is on the northwestern part of the map. The entrance to the area is only open during the end of the meta event called Storms of Winter.

  • Point of interest: Gates of Svanir are closed until the event is up. If you touch the wall you will freeze and get very cold.
  • Bjora Marches Insight: Asgeir's Legacy can be accessed once the bridge gate opens. It is to the west, up the ice path toward the back of all the fighting.
  • Farming: Mithril ore, platinum ore, eternal ice shard, vigilance, valor and resilience essence chests, plus norn chests. After the event, enjoy your farming.
  • Foes: Icebrood and the Champions.
  • Events: Defeat the Champion Icebrood Goliath (80)
    • Defeat the Champion Icebrood Kodan (80)
    • Defeat the Champion Icebrood Voice (80)
    • Defeat the Champion Svanir Tyrant (80)
    • Defeat the patrolling Sons of Svanir - one of three places

Events throughout the East Bjora Marches:

  • Destroy the corrupted shard
  • Destroy the Fallen portals
  • Close the energy vortex

This guide was very interesting to do, with many challenges to take screenshots at the same time you have to fight the foes. There are really, very few stops where you can look at the map without getting hit by something. Be prepared to battle your way through to the eastern side of Bjora Marches. Be sure to look up the achievements in these maps for extra shinies!

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