Guide to Gaining Honour In Conqueror's Blade

Honour, signified by a gold medal, serves as the gateway to unlocking new troops, new troop abilities, and new eras. It is the single most important currency in the game as it opens doors of opportunity to you by giving you more powerful troops at your disposal.

There are several ways to gain Honour including Battles, Fief Quests, and Daily & Weekly Quests. In this guide, I'm going to go over the various ways to earn Honour and give you an idea of how to build it quickly.

Earning Honour of the Battlefield

At the very core of Conqueror's Blade is combat. Everything revolves around it. Both PvE and PvP game systems rely on your ability to effectively perform in combat. Based on this ability you will gain a varying level of Honour for each battle. You can earn up to 20,000 Honour per week on the battlefield which makes this one of the largest sources of honour in the game. Below we will break down how much honour and other rewards you can expect to earn per minute in each of the main gameplay modes.

For the studies listed below, we gathered over 500 Personal Stats Recap screenshots from dozens of players across the Conqueror's Blade Community. We then grouped the results by Warscore (Grade) and balanced the scores so that no grade was represented more than others. We captured data from C, B, A, and S ranked players evenly to preserve the integrity of the averages.

All data used in this article is listed by the base value without the bonuses from premium, mercenaries, special events or boosters.

Gains Per Minute
Grade Avg Time (Min) Bronze Honour EXP Unit EXP
Training Yard (AI) 6 233 6 758 1,137
Field Battle 10 260 9 735 1,102
Siege Battle 13 267 9 813 1,159
Expeditions 10 96 4 166 1,248
Rebel Camps 10 175 7 677 984
Wandering Rebels 2 150 7 671 665


Average Total Gains Per Battle
Grade Bronze Honour EXP Unit EXP
Training Yard (AI) 1,433 35 4,653 6,982
Field Battle 2,680 89 7,568 11,350
Siege Battle 3,426 110 10,451 14,890
Expeditions 891 37 1,547 11,626
Rebel Camps 1,732 65 6,691 9,721
Wandering Rebels 270 13 1,207 1,196

Deep Dive into Metrics

Having overall averages is great and all but what can you as a player expect based on your common war score. Not all players can score an S every match, so below we have broken out the scores based on war score for each of the main gameplay modes.

Training Yard (AI)

Gains Per Minute
Grade Avg Time (Min) Bronze Honour EXP Unit EXP
S 7 295 7 937 1,406
A 6 277 7 856 1,285
B 6 220 5 666 999
C 5 141 3 572 857

Field Battle

Gains Per Minute
Grade Avg Time (Min) Bronze Honour EXP Unit EXP
S 13 261 10 841 1,261
A 12 290 10 781 1,172
B 8 329 10 828 1,242
C 8 161 5 489 734

Siege Battle

Gains Per Minute
Grade Avg Time (Min) Bronze Honour EXP Unit EXP
S 16 351 11 919 1,235
A 14 295 10 906 1,364
B 13 212 7 686 1,031
C 9 209 6 741 1,005


Gains Per Minute
Grade Avg Time (Min) Bronze Honour EXP Unit EXP
S 13 113 4 215 1,617
A 7 107 4 181 1,359
B 8 108 4 182 1,366
C 10 55 3 87 651

* Note: Working on gathering more data to separate Expedition I, Expedition II, and Expedition III into their own data grids. Stay tuned for updated information.

Rebel Camps

Gains Per Minute
Grade Avg Time (Min) Bronze Honour EXP Unit EXP
S 11 193 7 651 849
A 9 216 8 817 1,226
B 9 161 6 640 959
C 10 132 5 601 902

* Note: Working on gathering more data to separate Easy, Medium, and Hard into their own data grids. Stay tuned for updated information.

Wandering Rebels

Gains Per Minute
Grade Avg Time (Min) Bronze Honour EXP Unit EXP
S 2 185 9 807 186
A 2 134 6 610 729
B 2 131 6 585 721
C 1 151 7 682 1,022

Daily Quests

Every day you can talk to the Warden, Sherif, and Billeting Officer to acquire daily quests. The only quests that provide you with Honour as a reward directly are the Victory, Three Battles, and Five Battles quests from the Sheriff. This will give you 600 Honour every day for running through these three quests. 

My recommendation would be to do these three in the Training Yard (AI) battles which typically last between 4-5 minutes and almost always end in victory. As noted above AI Battles are the highest per minute gains for exp and unit exp in the game. They also offer moderately high honour per minute as well. While not the most exciting way to play they certainly have their advantages.

Weekly Quests

While weekly quests aren't the best for honour, there are several quests that have a random chance to reward Honour inside the rewards chests you earn. This is not a reliable way to earn honour but the other rewards in the form of crafting materials, silver, skill pages, skill points and bronze will make these worthwhile.

Key Weekly Quests:

  • Local Hero - Complete 5 Fief Quests - Epic Wealth Chest (400 Honour)
  • Take & Hold (3) - Win 3 Siege Battles - Epic Wealth Chest (400 Honour)
  • Fields of Glory (3) - Win 3 matched Field Battles - Epic Wealth Chest (400 Honour)
  • Rebel Fighter (4)  - Conquer an Easy Rebel Camp - Fair Loyalty Reward (120 - 140 Honour)
  • Peacemaker (3) - Conquer a Medium Rebel Camp  - Fine Loyalty Reward (140 - 180 Honour)
  • Justiciar (3) - Conquer a Hard Rebel Camp - Great Loyalty Reward (180 - 270 Honour)

Weekly Milestone Rewards:

  • Page's Gift - Earn 25 War Points - 100 Honour
  • Squire's Gift - Earn 50 War Points - 250 Honour
  • Knight's Gift - Earn 100 War Points - 400 Honour
  • Marshal's Gift - Earn 150 War Points - 600 Honour

Fief Quests

One of the most overlooked features of Conqueror's Blade is it's Fief questing system. Most new players have no idea what it is or how it works. But peel back the confusing surface and you find one of the most effective ways to earn Honour in the game.

Let's first look at some commonly overlooked details:

  1. You do not have to be a member of the Fief owner to complete a Fief quest. 
  2. The second honour number on the right of the Fief Quest is a bonus if your house owns the Fief.
  3. You can only do 20 Fief Quests per week. So choose wisely.
  4. You can turn in each fief quest once per day. 
  5. Higher-level fiefs have a higher chance of having more rewarding quests available. Look out for those high ranked fiefs for maximum reward.

Here is a general guide to the honour rewards you can expect from various tiers signified by stars.

Quest Min Honour Bonus Honour
(Fief Owner)
1 Star 120 60 180
2 Star 140 70 210
3 Star 240 120 360
4 Star 370 185 555
5 Star 400 200 600

Special Thanks

I would like to extend a special thanks to all of the people who helped me gather and log over 500 screenshots of data over the past 2 months while putting this article together.

Contributing Characters:

  • Izzmina
  • Foghladha
  • Donaliam
  • Alaois
  • Sekkerhund
  • Berga
  • Petran
  • CaptainPicard
  • Ziorhon
  • RevP
  • EmyTheShaw
  • Altoydz
  • IgnisAurelius
  • brutaL
  • Dorda
  • NotEagle
  • Lordofall
  • Radbout
  • Evenrend
  • Honos
  • MatthiasNovak
  • Belazaar
  • Lorgaire
  • Mcdaddy
  • Saki
  • Siim
  • Flamemonarc
  • KazuhiroM
  • DobreMoya
  • deadkid

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