Into the depths of Fungal Grotto

We had traveled many days through the lands of Ebonheart Pact. The four of us found ourselves in a land called Stonefall; the starting area for the Ebonheart Pact (Level 12ish area), one of many lands within the pact. We had traveled these lands by foot, horse and wayshrine. We spent this night with a group of travelers just down the road from the Iliath Temple Wayshrine within the Iliath temple area of influence. The travelers told us of an area called Fungal Grotto (level 12 to 15 group dungeon) that had many nasty surprises in it.

Our father figure of the group, Pops a mighty Nord Sorcerer in his own right, thought that this was something we should look into. The pup of the group, KylaRose, a Nord Dragon Night, was ready to go at first light, but the rest of the group Selrina and myself, known as Sea, also Nord sorcerers, insisted on a meal of goat meat and fresh water before we headed out. During this time Pops had us all check our gear of heavy plate armor to insure that all was mended and our swords sharpened and staffs fully charged for the day’s work.

Heading out in the morning sunshine we discovered the entrance to Fungal Grotto, where upon entering we found a group of people praying at a very old wayshine. There were vines and vibrant life within these cave walls, some of them not so nice as we came to find out. KylaRose led the group out being the one most experienced with melee attacks. Selrina and Sea remained within the middle of the group being able to provide spell attacks as needed to bear on any foes as we found them. Pops brought up the rear of the group as our healer with all of his wisdom.
KylaRose first encountered a group of Murkwater Hunters and Butchers. She led with a frontal attack on them with Selrina and Sea causing much damage with the spells they had at hand. As one of us was weakened by the attackers Pops healed.

While passing through the tunnels and caverns of Fungal Grotto, we found various sacks and boxes of supplies that we could use for cooking or crafting in our leisure time after a day’s hard fight.

Going down one of the many tunnels, our lead spied Tazked, the Pack Master, with his pack of Durzogs guarding the way. After a brief but intense fight, we killed the pack master and his pack of stinking crazed animals. We then found ourselves entering a very large cavern with an outcropping of rock in the middle of it. All around this pillar of rock was various groups of Murkwater fighters just wanting to cut our throats or fill us full of arrows if we tried to pass them. But looking up, we saw their leader, War Chief Ozozai, and his two guards. We started pulling the mobs one at a time, bringing them down with our swords and spells from our staffs. Finally only the War Chief, along with his two guards, stood looking down at us from his rock perch, like the thug he was.

Pops advised us, like in any battle, we should have a plan of attack and he reminded us that not all attacks will be the same with each encounter we find in these lands. Selrina put forth the idea that she and I would take out the two guards while KylaRose held the War Chief in check with Pops support. The battle was started with the pup taking on the War Chief and two sorcerer’s taking the guards to the right and left of the War Chief. After taking out the guards we turned our attention to helping our tank out. She was going toe to toe with this nasty of nasties holding her own. During the fight Pops was showing his mastery of heals by keeping us all alive until the death of War Chief Ozozai.

Talking among ourselves we discovered that this War Chief had various abilities that we dare not talk about except in the quiet taverns that dot the landscape of the towns of Ebonheart.

We continued down the various tunnels killing many pacts of Murkwater fighter’s until we discovered that this system of caves must have been a village or center of population at one time. Where does one find stonework of bridges in the middle of caves that were built to last over the ages? We crossed one bridge to only discover that we were faced with many various sized groups of Brood Birthers and her Dreughs. These were dispatched to their gods as we crossed over the many bridges. On the last bridge we crossed the wall in front of us exploded in a shower of rock. What came forth out of the hole in the wall was a four legged vile nasty called Kra’gh the Dreugh King. This one had many different abilities that can kill you or the group in a heartbeat. Ye be warned this is one tough boss to take out and fighters must empower many different ideas to bring him down for the kill.

As for us we killed the Dreugh King, but that is a story for another day and for you fighters of the land to tell your own story of how you won or died in Fungal Grotto. Just know it is faster to leave the dungeon by following the water, which is the source of all life of the land.

Published: February 28th, 2015   |  2,630 Reads

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