NIGHTMARCHERS Preview: A Trip to Hawaii? Yes Please!

Almost everyone that I know has added “take a trip to Hawaii” to their bucket list. I mean, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to immerse themselves into beautiful landscapes, gorgeous beaches, unique history, and legends abound, right? Wyrmbyte Studios has given us that chance in their newest title NIGHTMARCHERS, but with a small twist. Pack your bags and take a trip with me while we explore Hawaii as it was never meant to be.

NIGHTMARCHERS is a single player open world, third person over the shoulder rpg shooter, set in a post apocalyptic Oahu with mysticism and authentic Hawaiian lore. The game has a very familiar feel to it as it draws its map style and combat from most others in the same genre. Wyrmbyte Studios does offer a bit of a change with an actual map of Oahu, with over 500 square miles to explore, the addition of the Uhane Vision mechanic, which allows you to scout without being seen, and mana as a source of power to use your mystical abilities and skills.

In NIGHTMARCHERS, you control the character Kai, a Hawaiian native who loses his son and is resurrected by Pueo the spirit shaman, after a fierce battle with a cult that follows the corrupted pig god Kamapua’a. Kai must traverse the post apocalyptic Oahu with his newly found mystical Uhane Vision and the powerful weapons bestowed to him by the Akua, Hawaiian gods. With the help of his guardian spirit Pueo, Kai must rebuild the desecrated Heiuas throughout the landscape to gain the blessings of the gods of those shrines. With over 40 skills to unlock, it benefits Kai greatly to visit and rebuild these Heiuas.

The goal is to rebuild Oahu as you see fit by capturing, befriending, or developing the vast amount of settlements you come across in the authentic Oahu environment promised by Wyrmbyte. You will encounter different factions throughout the landscape that you may choose to help or attack, which ultimately drives the story in the direction you choose. Wyrmbyte has also provided you with ever changing encounters, based on the decisions you make including which skills you unlock.

If you enjoyed playing games like Farcry or Fallout, NIGHTMARCHERS could be described as a fusion of the two, set in an authentic real world environment which gives it a more immersive feel. Play as a benevolent savior of all, a ruthless warlord seeking revenge for his lost son, or choose a faction to help thrive after the cataclysm that rocked Oahu and separated it from the rest of the world. With a multitude of weapons, both real and mystical, dive into a unique twist on a popular genre in Wyrmbyte Studios’ new title NIGHTMARCHERS.

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Published: February 14th, 2018   |  2,412 Reads

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