Riders of Icarus: Headstart Guild Guide

[ Last Update: June 29th, 2016 ]

With so little information available about Riders of Icarus and Open Beta rapidly approaching I thought it would be helpful to create at least a basic guide for the new players to learn about how to open a guild and how it functions.

Things You Should Know:

  1.  Guilds Size begins at 40 Characters and increases by 10 every Guild Level
  2.  Guilds are Character based not Account Based.
  3.  Characters must be online and outside of an instance to receive an invite to a guild.

Creating a Guild

  1. Go to Hakain's Crossing
  2. In the North West of the city you will find the "Guild Master" in the "Guild Hall" 
  3. You will need to be Level 10 and possess 2 Gold to open a guild

Forming an Alliance


  • Alliances can consist of up to 3 Guilds
  • All Alliance Guilds must be Rank 3 or Higher.

How to Create an Alliance

  1. Go to Hakain's Crossing
  2. In the North West of the city you will find the "Alliance Master" in the "Guild Hall"

Guild Leveling

To increase your guild level you can Kill Monsters or Earn Player Levels. For each Guild Level you gain, your guild will grow by 10 character slots and unlock Guild Skills. Guilds progress by earning Guild EXP (GXP).

To Advance Your Guild Level

  • Kill Monsters - Gain 1 Point per monster above your level.
  • Gain Player Levels - Earn GXP for each player level earned.
    • Level 2 is worth 10 GXP
    • Level 3 is worth 20 GXP
    • Level 4 is worth 20 GXP
    • Level 5 is worth 25 GXP
    • Level 10 is worth 50 GXP
    • Level 14 is worth 70 GXP
    • Further investigation needed to map out full point values
  • Play with Guild Members - If you are grouped with other members of your guild, you will receive 1 point per guild member in your party for each kill of a monster above your level.

Guild Levels

Level Exp RequiredPerks
 1    Team Mentality
Can Set Guild Emblem
 2  86,400 Ardent Training 
  Swift Conditioning
Can Join an Alliance
   Money Handling
  Vicious Sparring 
   Survival Training

Guild Skills

  • Level 1: Team MentalityPassive - Increases max health and mana by 5% and increases all stats by 30.
  • Level 2: Ardent TrainingPassive - Increases max health and mana by 5% 
  • Level 3: Swift ConditioningPassive - Increases walking and mounted move speed by 5%
  • Level 4: Money HandlingPassive - Increases drop rate by 10%
  • Level 5: Vicious SparringPassive - Increases attack, defense, and resistance during PvP by 3%
  • Level 6: Survival TrainingPassive - Increases physical attack, magic attack, physical critical rate, and magic critical rate by 10% and all character attributes by 25

Guild Roster Management


  • Name
  • Class
  • Level
  • Location
  • Rank

Right Click Menus

  • Party Invite
  • Whisper
  • Change Rank
  • Summon
  • Add Friend
  • Guild Kick


  • Last Login Date

[To Be Continued]

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