Headhunting in Rift: An Intro Guide To Bounty Hunting

There's a new sheriff in town, and the villainous, corrupt, and downright evil never stood a chance. Across my exploration of RIFT I came across a mysterious achievement line under the title "Bounties". Upon scouring across the internet and asking Uncle Google and Aunty YouTube if they knew what RIFT Bounties were, I came up empty. Like any good mystery it got it's hooks into me and I felt compelled to find the answer.

I came across a few old forum posts in the archive section of the RIFT forum that mention these are the creatures that spawn every 12-14 hours randomly in set locations. They are noted with the Guild Tag . With this tidbit of information I was able to find a few locations of these "Most Wanted" and felt compelled to share them with others.


But first, we must ask. What are bounties and why should I care? Bounties offer a great potential for achievements and revenue. There are a few key points you should know about these creatures.

  1. You must be of close level to them to receive a reward. If they are not Green or higher to you they will drop nothing. Use mentoring to adjust your level to the correct level.
  2. There are Epic versions of these which will require a group to successfully pull off. These versions can be killed with ease at a higher level, yet will weild no reward. At level they will rip your face off and eat you for breakfast.
  3. These Bounties will, 100% of the time, drop a special artifact that will be part of a bounty collection.
  4. Bounty Collection rewards are pretty sweet loot upon completion.
  5. Most Bounty Artifacts can range from 50 - 500 gold on the auction hall. Making it one of the fastest ways to stockpile wealth in Rift. (I used this trick to fund the Telara Saga prize pool.)

For this first look at bounties, let's take a look at the Tier 2 Bounties of Gloamwood and Stonefield.

The Bounties

  • Bessie - Once known as the Battle Cow, Bessie is out for blood. Beware of this angry cow.
  • Deathlight - A wisp gone wrong, this corpse candle got a taste for blood.
  • Eialos - A Manticore with devastating melee attacks but a weakness for ranged combat.
  • Eye Gouger - This Cockatrice has a weird appetite for eye balls. No idea why.
  • Gore Ripper - A serious murderer this Bloodstrutter should be an easy kill for the right hunter.
  • Grunk - A mountain troll who is wanted for moving rocks illegally.
  • Ieasis - A spooky bat whose wanted to terrorizing locals.
  • Packmaster Vrexis - A mysterious Kobold who has lead an uprising in the mines of Stonefield.
  • Queen Ia - The queen of an illegal Ant Empire. Wanted for steeling Asha’s Crumpets.
  • Skyslayer - Wanted for defecating on public property. Bring this Roc to justice.
  • Stonegaze - This Basilisk has created some of the more modern statues in our Dimension.
  • Tewop - A Forest Troll that has been terrorizing bird watchers
  • Yedisth - St. Patrick missed this one, help us out and remove this snake from Telara
  • Harbinger of Regulos - It’s not just a Bunneh! Bring friends or lose your face.
  • Fluffy - A vicious werewolf. Do not engage by yourself or you will suffer a terrible fate.

Last known Whereabouts

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