Rislav's Rise: A Gaiscioch Theater Production

When looking for creative, fun opportunities to do something different, there is sometimes a need to step outside your comfort zone and just try something that you have never done before.  That is exactly what happened with this event.  We had a number of people who had never done anything like this who ended up being the majority of the cast.  It was a great time seeing them all come together and work on doing everything they could to bring the show to life against the difficulties of an uncertain world.

While there were some plans for a second showing of this same play, people were unable to perform due to other considerations. I am sure the cast will do another wonderful job when we return to ESO, and look forward to having more people enjoy and/or participate in the event.  My next scheduled stop is for our other official chapter, Guild Wars 2, and preparations for a show are already in progress.  Before I discuss the showing of Rislav’s Rise any further, I do wish to note that credits will be given at the end… but one credit is most firmly due prior to that.  This credit is to the author of the original piece upon which this play is based:  Rislav the Righteous.  It was written by Sinjin, and can be found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

While I did add a lot of dialogue and detail to the piece in order to make it acceptable as a play, the original work was the basis for everything.  I made every effort to keep the same story, and to merely add to character lines which would already be fitting for those characters.  You may read the script at the end of the article, and may use it if you wish to host your own theater event.

The cast assembled at the chosen spot, a little platform below and just North of the crafting areas in Davon’s Watch.  Although the spoken words do not range quite as nicely as I had hoped, the audience was able to fit nicely in the area.  Details of the costumes were few in the original works, only mentioning one weapon and one suit of armor, to which we were faithful.  The crew largely filled their own costume needs with a little help, and we did have some fashion assistance as a wonderful contribution from another guild member.

Additional pictures were provided to me by Verve from our guild, and so I am glad to be able to add the following collage style pictures as well:

We also had a little after-party, including a few people who were not members of the cast.  I am looking forward to the possibility of running more fun events like this.  It was something I had never tried before, and although it required a fair bit of preparation the end results were very entertaining.  What’s next for the theater group?  We are planning ‘Hans in luck,’ a fairy tail by the Brothers Grimm, in Guild Wars 2.  It will be modified, of course, for the medium of video games.  Several members and people from the audience expressed interest in our future shows at the ESO production, which made me glad I went ahead and did something that was really just a random whim.  With good fortune, you will be seeing another story, about another play in ESO as well as the Guild Wars play, in the next edition of Gaiscioch Magazine.


Original work, Rislav the Righteous: Sinjin  (Our non-guild inspiration!  Thank you!)

Play rewrite: Jairone.


Narrator: Jairone.

Rislav: Eiahn.

Belene: Soltie.

King Justinius: RvBAlaska.

Dorald: Jairone  *fill-in for cast who could not attend.*

Emperor Gorieus: Jairone  *fill-in for cast who could not attend.*

Archery from off-stage: Soltie.


Rislav: Eiahn, Jairone.

Belene: Elizabeth, Soltie.

King Justinius: RvBAlaska.

Jairone/narrator: Jairone.

Dorald/Gorieus: *N/A as cast member(s) could not attend.*

Additional pictures by: Verve

Additional thanks to our audience, who were respectful and polite.  It was a pleasure to have you at the performance!

The script:

Rislav’s Rise

A play based upon Rislav the Righteous, a book from the game ‘Skyrim’.

-Narrator(s) line up on the sides of the stage to mark the entry/exit.-  Lead offers the audience welcome, and explains the entry/exit marking, after which narrators may move.

Narrator(s):  Many years ago, when the Alessian empire was yet the dominant force upon Tamriel, does this story take place.  Where Alessia may have been a hero to slaves, the empire founded in her name grew to be no better than those she had rebelled against.  Now, in Colovia, where dread plague had ravaged the people, there was a problem.  The plague left Skingrad’s king dead in its wake.  */doom*

His family also fell, one by one, until all that were left was a pair of his sons.  One was married to another land, Kvatch, and so could not ascend.  The other a priest, came to be king, and Dorald it is that first we shall see.

-Dorald walks onto the stage area-:  ‘My people, it is good to have returned to you in this dark time.’  */bestowblessing*  ‘I mourn with you that so many good men and women were taken from us.  Yet, in all this tragedy, I see hope as well.  The hope of Alessia, of the true god!  Rejoice my people, for I now cede all Skingrad to the Alessian empire!’  */pray*

-Dorald exits the stage.-

Narrators(s):  Yet such was not the will of the people.  They valued freedom, and would not easily bend knee to an empire for which they held no love.  In Kvatch, the news made for tidings of war.

-Rislav, Belene, and Justinius enter.-

Justinius:  ‘That impudent lickspittle!  No true king would have so little regard for the will of his people!’  /shakefist

Rislav:  ‘He has spent years in their religion.  He is no Colovian, and no doubt he can no longer understand us.’  */shrug*

Justinius:  ‘We must act swiftly.  If Skingrad becomes part of the empire, we shall soon follow.  The passes in the east are what protect us best from the empire’s forces.’

Belene:  ‘Then you mean to start a war?’  */downcast*  ‘Must we really see more death?  I would leave our people time to mourn.’

Justinius:  ‘I would not make this choice, if I did not have to.  Yet, if we are to live, free and proud… and not as cowards, then yes.  We must add more to death’s toll.’

Rislav:  ‘Death is not something from which we escape.  It is always there.  We cannot, we must not, fear it.  To fear death would be proof that we are unworthy to lead our people.’

Belene:  ‘That may be so, but for those fallen we can still shed tears.’

Justinius:  */nod*  ‘That we may, my dear.’

Rislav:  ‘There will be time to mourn, but we must make haste.  Let us be off, before we gain more reason for sodden cheeks.’

Narrator(s):  So they set off with but a handful of soldiers to take Skingrad back from Dorald.  As they went, soldiers from Skingrad, sent by Dorald to stop them, appeared.

-Soldiers enter.-:  */kneel*  ‘We have come, but not to fight you.  We offer you our swords, let the traitor king fall and Skingrad remain free!’

Rislav:  ‘Welcome then, brothers!  Come with us and live as men should!’

Soldiers:  */salute2*

Narrator(s):  So did they come to Skingrad, where Dorald and Rislav would confront one another in the courtyard where both had grown up.

Dorald:  ‘What madness is this?  How dare you come before me like this, brother, with such a ragged band of false lords and blackguards?’

Rislav:  ‘You are no brother of mine.’  *Weaponattack.*

Dorald:  */playdead*

Everyone except Dorald and Rislav:  ‘All hail King Rislav!  All hail the king!’  */hail*

-All exit (Rislav and Colovian soldiers stay west.)-

Narrator(s):  In the empire, Gorieus the emporer heard of Skingrad’s rebellion.  No stranger to such troubles, he quickly formed an army to take back what he already considered his lands.  Meanwhile, Rislav planned for battle against the far larger imperial army.  They would meet at a pass on the gold road.

-Rislav and soldiers enter from the West.-

-Gorieus and soldiers enter from east.-

Rislav:  */bow*  ‘Your highness.’

Gorieus:  */disapprove*

Rislav:  ‘I am afraid Skingrad is too small to accommodate such a large party!’  */wagfinger*  ‘Next time, write before you come.’

Gorieus:  */surprised*  ‘Guards… arrest this poor man, whose head Sheogorath must use as a ballroom.’

Rislav:  */pointu*  (Falcon from lion’s den?)

Narrator(s):  Rislav launched his falcon skyward, signalling the attack.

-From offstage-:  Archers use arrow aoe.

-Rislav and soldiers exit west.-

Imperial soldier:  ‘Your imperial majesty, our retreat is blocked by fallen rocks.’

Gorieus:  ‘It does not matter.  West, and take the head of Rislav the usurper.’

-Gorieus and troops exit west.-

-Justinius and soldiers enter.-

Justinius:  ‘Hold here men.  This is where we break them.  Today we stand for freedom!’

-Rislav enters and runs to the group.-

-Goreius and soldiers enter giving chase.-

*All can make fighting motions, and some soldiers on each side may */playdead**

Narrator(s):  A short battle raged.  The imperial army, though still larger, was wounded and tired.  They retreated from the battle, bitter and frustrated.  Conquered lands rose up, and the Alessian empire would start to fall apart.

-Gorieus and troops exit.-

In time, of course, a new empire would rise.  Whether it is meant to be, or whether no empire shall last, only time shall tell.

-All exit-

-Lead enters.-  ‘Thank you all for coming today.  We hope you enjoyed our performance.  Please join me in thanking today’s actors and narrators!’

-All actors and narrators to center stage.-  */bow*v

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