Chilling out in Shiverpeaks: Top 10 Vista Views

Sweating away this summer, GmaFog decided to chill out by finding vistas in Shiverpeaks. This area is full of nice frosty places to run around, with a few areas of grassy, tree-laden spots to warm up when necessary. The Norn and Kodan reside in these areas with the dredge as their foe. There were lots of slippery spots to fall so using your mounts seemed helpful, but GmaFog went to the vistas on foot for the ones that you can’t mount up.  As she didn’t want to spoil the experience for you, GmaFog will only show pictures of how to get there, not of the vista views themselves. These tough-choosing “Top Ten Vistas” were taken from the Shiverpeaks zones below: 

Hoelbrak, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Frostgorge Sound, Lornar's Pass, Snowden Drifts, the Bitterfrost Frontier, Timberline Falls, and Wayfarer Foothills.

Note: Make sure you put your graphics on best appearance to get the full experience of beauty. On GmaFog’s pictures, there are shapes to lead you on the minimap. Follow shapes on mini-map in the order below: Arrow, Circle, Heart, Square, Star, as these will lead you to the spectacular view. 

10 - Hoelbrak - The Bear Vista

Start at Legends Waypoint and move northwest, to the back of the tent on your right. There is a ledge to hop on and run around to the frozen bear sculpture. When you reach the sculpture, leap onto the bear and you will view a breathtaking scene of the bear lodge and surrounding sculptures.

9 - Timberline Falls - Stromkarl Heights Vista

Moving west from Stromkart Waypoint, go through the Ettin camp. When you get to the large boulder, look up. Maneuver around the east side of the rock and you will find some bushes. Behind those bushes, there is a ledge to jump on and run up onto the next corner of the outcrop. From that point, spring up and climb the west side of the mountain to the top. The vista is a great view of the lower camp and the tower at Stromkarl Heights.

8 - Lornar's Pass - False Lake Vista

From False Lake Waypoint, run east to the gangplank bridge and move southwest through all the pirates, fighting all the way! Take the set of stairs heading to the bow and move up the plank to the vista.  This is a glimpse of the area surrounding and including the pirate camp.

7 - Snowden Drifts

From Highpass Haven Waypoint, move northwest into the cave. You will need to walk up a few boards at the back edge of the cave and advance toward the vista to the east. The scene is an awesome ride through the passage to the outside of the cave.

6 - Dredgehaunt Cliffs

At Graupel Waypoint it is an easy saunter up the west side and back of Skovtrolde Hearthstead. Best time to view this one is when the moon is brightly in the sky. It makes the whole experience that much better.

5 - Frostgorge Sound 

After landing at Skyheight Steading Waypoint, move west onto the icy rock ledges at the back of the camp and slide across the path to the vista. This is a magnificent vision of the ship in all its snow-laden beauty.

4 - Dredgehaunt Cliffs

Port to Toran Hallow Waypoint, run south and up the path to the left, passing the trees to the edge of the rocks on the right. At this point, turn around and jump up onto the boulder, continuing to step north across the snowy path to the vista. This is an awesome picture of Bear’s Jaws Shrine and the surrounding area.

3 - The Bitterfrost Frontier

From Sorrow’s Eclipse Waypoint, proceed up the stairs to the northeast. When you come out of the tunnel section of the stairs the vista will be right above you to the southeast.  There is a pipe on the east side of the building to walk up and then gambol onto the roof. You will see the vista once you are on top and this is a fantastic panorama of the skyship!

2 - Timberline Falls 

Coming from Gentle River Waypoint, go east up the snow fleeced mountains. Stay on the east side of the river but up one ridge of boulders. You will find a grassy area to run up, onto the correct terrace of the mountain path to the vista. Once across the grass and trees, you can dash straight north to a ledge that will take you to the vista. This is an awe-inspiring sight of the forested mountainside with the movement of multiple waterfalls flowing down the edge.

1 - Wayfarer Foothills

This vista view surprised GmaFog as she never actually viewed it all the way through. Go to Taigan Waypoint and jog around the southeast end of the mountain. You will find an icy path with lots of shinies and things to fight on the way up. Stay to the edge of the cliff and once at the top you will see a bridge where the vista is to the south side. This is a magnificent view of the animal spirit statues as the sun rises over them and shines brightly. Do bring a pair of sunglasses!

Note from GmaFog:

As I hear people say that you don’t need to clear the map and you don’t need the vistas, I would like to leave you with this thought. By actually viewing these vistas, you will earn xp for your characters and sometimes receive a daily chest. If you do these with a friend and map clear as you go, there are multiple things you will receive at the end, including bonus chests, Black Lion chest keys, crafting materials or Transmutation Charges. For those who like shinies, there are plenty of events to help with your hearts, plus the comradery of friends will bring lots of memories to think back on. Sharing the vista view with a buddy makes them all the better, especially when you catch a surprise cave that you didn’t know about. Please take time to breathe and view vistas, it is well worth your time.

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