Show Me the Money! A Guide to Rift Currencies

One of the most confusing aspects of Rift for returning players is the huge number of different currencies. For example, here are the rewards from one of several popular quests. In addition to the typical cash reward, you’re also asked to choose from one of four other currencies:

Which should you choose, and why?

The answer depends on you. Are you leveling gradually, already at the level cap, or just “passing through” to a higher level? What do you need to buy for your style of gameplay? If your current character doesn’t need a particular currency, can you use it to “gift” stuff to an alt?

First, Let’s Talk Power Creep

Before we get to the answers for those questions, let’s talk power creep. By design, Rift is an MMO where “end game” gear and currencies are obsoleted with each new expansion. There was a big jump in power at level 60 for the Storm Legion expansion, and another at level 65 for the Nightmare Tide expansion. All signs point to another big jump with the new Starfall Prophecies expansion.

There are two practical considerations that result from Rift’s power creep design. First, you’ll earn a lot more coin and currencies rewards at the highest level -- maybe 10x or even 20x more than a level 30, for example. Second, you’ll face much harder fights as you level..

Taken together, these factors usually mean that it’s worth upgrading your gear as you level, since you’ll earn back the currency more quickly. But don’t go nuts with fancy gear at level 65, since power creep applies to Starfalls Prophecies too.

Useful Everywhere: Cash & Planarite

That said, there are two currencies that are useful at every level from 1 to 70.

Cash is the platinum / gold / silver coin you earn from most in-game activities and use to buy things from the auction house and many vendors. Cash is useful throughout the game, regardless of your level.   

Planarite is earned by fighting rifts and planar invasions. In addition to planar items — focus + essences, lures and planar skills — Planarite is used together with Void Stone to buy gear from Adventure Dealers.  (More about them in the next section.)

Also, keep an eye out during your travels for Planar Goods merchants, since many of their goods can’t be bought on the Rift Store.

Starfall Prophecies bring a new way to increase your gear stats called Planar Fragments.  Cash and Planarite are needed to infuse (upgrade) Planar Fragments to improve their bonuses.

Both cash and Planarite can be used to buy bound-to-account items for an alt.

Useful level 1 to 65: Void Stone

Void Stone is usually acquired as quest reward, or by running Instant Adventures. It’s a bit like getting cash for Christmas from great aunt Rita: instead of getting Joe-random-quest-reward, you get to go shop for something you can actually use.

From level 1 to 65, Void Stone is a very useful currency. While the Rift Store has quite a bit of armor, weapons and accessories for sale for cash (or store credits), there’s a lot more you can buy from Adventure Dealers using Void Stone and Planarite.

The level of the available gear varies by the location of the Adventure Dealer:

  • Levels 1 to 45: Adventure Dealer in capital city (Sanctum or Meridian)
  • Level 50: Adventure Dealer in Tempest Bay
  • Level 60: World Gear Merchant in Tempest Bay
  • Level 65: Adventure Merchant in Marple Palace, or the Rift Store

Level 65 Expert & Raid Currencies

We’re back to this picture, and the “which to choose?” question.

Except for Void Stones, these are level 65 raid currencies which you can use to buy level 65 end game gear. If you don’t plan to play Starfall Prophecies, these can be worthwhile to gear up a character that will remain at the free-to-play level cap of 65.

If you plan to play Starfall Prophecies…. well, remember power creep? Even the very best level 65 raid gear will be replaced by quest rewards by the time you reach level 70. The pieces that will last the longest into the expansion are trinkets, capes, necks, and weapons.

  • Abyssal Crusader Marks:  Expert, Conquest, and Raid 1 gear
  • Fragments of Madness: Raid 2 gear
  • Fragments of Darkness: Raid 3 gear

These currencies can also be used to buy bound-to-account items for an alt.

Starfall Prophecies: Celestial Remnants & Tower Fragments

As with past Rift expansions, Starfall Prophecies brings a few new currencies:

  • Celestial Remnants are the new general reward currency, similar to Void Stones
  • Tower Fragments are the new raid currency
  • A new PVP currency, similar to Warmonger’s Marks, is also expected

Finally, a Few More Currencies

There are quite a few more currencies, most of which are easy to understand. I’ll discuss a few more in closing.


Credits are purchased with real money, and spent in the Rift Store. Typically the items sold for credits are cosmetic, convenience, or aimed at helping characters “catch up” to the level cap.  In-game cash can be converted to Credits by buying Rex from another player or the auction house.

Credits are the only currency you may use to gift items to a friend via the Rift Store.


Crafters earn Artisan Marks, Master Craftsman Marks and Grandmaster Craftsman Marks by completing daily crafting quests. The marks are used to buy premium crafting recipes.


Favor is earned by participating in PVP. Warmonger’s Marks are purchased for 100,000 favor each.


Seasonal festivals and similar events each have a unique currency and rewards in Rift.

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