Swinging in the Vines: Maguuma Jungle Top 10 Vistas

The Maguuma Jungle is damp and dark, teaming with life in the most unexpected places. Be watchful in the homes of the Sylvari, Asura, Hylek, and Quaggan, because the vines and spiderwebs you maneuver through have unwelcoming creatures that will eat you for dinner. The landscapes have Asuran laboratories, experiments and camps interweaved together with the flora and fauna of the Sylvari.

For this Top 10, GmaFog will include The Grove, Rata Sum, Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Brisban Wildlands, Sparkfly Fen, Mount Maelstrom. This region is not to be confused with the Heart of Maguuma or Maguuma Wastes.

Note: Make sure you put your graphics on the best appearance to get the full experience of beauty. On GmaFog’s pictures, there are shapes to lead you on the minimap. Follow shapes on mini-map in the order below: Arrow, Circle, Heart, Square, Star and they will lead you to the spectacular views. Screenshots will be how to get there, not the vista views themselves because you will want to experience the awesome scenes for yourself!

10 - Mount Maelstrom by Old Sledge Site Waypoint

Mount Maelstrom is a large volcanic area with fire ettins and other critters to be fought. To the east of the volcano, you may find golems, inquest, risen, and Krait around in the flats, gulch, wastelands, and sea. No shortage of things to fight or shinies to farm in Mount Maelstrom!

GmaFog’s favorite vista here is near Old Sledge Site Waypoint in the southeast corner of Mount Maelstrom. You will find an island to the southwest of the waypoint and entry to the island is on the North end. Follow the northeast ridge to the crevice, moving up and south to the vista. This is an awesome view of the Sylvari camp northeast of the vista.

9 -  Sparkfly Fen - Saltflood Mire

Sparkfly Fen is full of Orrian undead, Zhaitan's minions, Hylek refugees, Wyld Hunt Valiants, and Vigil crusaders, but in the area of this vista, there are multiple oozes up above by the vista. In the area below you will find a Hylek camp, Ni-tiacua Hunters and siamoth near the water, with Platinum and mushrooms to farm. Watch out for the crazy marsh drakes that are ready to devour you alive.

Now for the vista: from Saltflood Waypoint move up to the rock bridges in the northwest and fight the toxic ooze. Turning northeast, you will see the vista spot and when you arrive at the broken sundial, jump up the toppled column, then follow the fallen pillar up to the vista. Be careful not to fall off because it is a long run back. This is an impressive view of the mire and mountains behind, packed with trees, moss, and ooze!

8 -  Metrica Province - On the Hinterlab’s West Building

Metrica Province is the habitat of the Asura, with private laboratories, discarded experiments, and multiple landscapes that are strewn across the land. You will find plant life growing on most of the structures with many trees and swamps throughout the zone. In the area of this vista, you will find jungle wurm hatchlings, frogs, green moas, golems to fix and Krewe researchers to talk to. 

To travel to this vista, take Hydrone Unit Waypoint and dash directly south to the Hinterlab’s west building. Directly below the vista hop up the corner of the bricks and then trudge up the angled ledge to the peak. Bounce up the suspended blocks on the right to the top of the building and the vista is straight ahead. Viewing this will be a surprise glimpse of the waterfalls behind the building that GmaFog didn’t realize was there.

7 - Caledon Forest - North of Ogham Wilds

Caledon Forest is home for the Sylvari, where Hylek and Quaggan also inhabit the land. This area is full of Nightmare Courtier, stalkers and spiders. Below the following vista, breeze riders and jungle wurms are ready to attack as you go to the hero challenge.

Starting from Caer Astoria Waypoint you will need to drop down off the mushroom platform and move west. Once you get through the Nightmare Courtier, stalkers and spiders, you will find a root archway. Be careful as you run under the root archway and to the northwest because there is a hole as you get onto the outcrop to the vista. This scene is a spectacular panorama of waterfalls and greenery in this little corner of the zone.

6 -  Brisban Wildland - The Shattered Henge

Because Mirkrise Waypoint is sometimes contested, Ulta Metamagicals Waypoint North of Mirkrise is the next closest waypoint to find. Move south to the Priory camp which is full of Human, Charr, Sylvari and Asuran Priory members, working hard fixing the camp. Once at Mirkrise Waypoint, take the west exit from the camp and turn directly south toward the Shattered Henge, fighting all sorts of raptors and Hylek on the way. Wade through the murky pond to the large tree roots on the south perimeter. There is a slope to hike up on the left side of the vista, trek up to the mushrooms and advance onto the roots of this huge tree where the vista is located. The vision will show you the massive tree and root structure with all the fountains and waterfalls in the area.

5 -  Rata Sum - Bottom Floor of the Pyramid

Rata Sum is the beginning home of the Asura, with a pyramid-shaped building as its central hub.  It will give a geometric feel with all its passageways that take you to multiple areas. It’s a great place to play hide & seek with your friends. 

To get to GmaFog’s favorite Rata Sum vista, start at Apprentice Waypoint go northeast and you will see a geometric structure with a control panel. Meander around to the end of the structure and skitter up the ramps. The movie shows Apprentice Carels and its terrarium full of brilliant, colorful plants.

4 -  Sparkfly Fen - East of Quinatl Deadgrounds

This area of Sparkfly Fen is covered with jungle wurms, green moa, basilisks, yellow ooze, and fireflies. Quinati Deadgrounds is full of risen Hylek who will attack if you get too close. You can find banyan saplings, taproots, and leeks to farm.

Going from Forvar’s Waypoint, race northeast on the path to Quinatl Deadgrounds. Before you actually enter the camp, turn southeast to the right side of the mountain of rocks. There is a path to sprint around the jungle wurms to the top. Once at the top look over the rise to the east and you will find the vista one level down. This vision is a stupendous roller coaster ride through the waterfalls. 

3 - Brisban Wildlands - The Wyld Hunt Camp

The vista is located on the northern side of the Wyld Hunt Camp. This area of Brisban Wildlands is full of plant life, huts that look like hollowed-out tree stumps with a floral flair, and Asuran equipment set up outside the area. Wurms, green moa, and deer are in the fields under the canopy. The large tunnel entrance is to the west of the camp where you will run into many skritt.

To move to the vista, start at Watchful Source Waypoint, run through the Wyld Hunt Camp and to the right mountainside where you will see some rock outcrops. Look closely and you can maneuver your way with a hop, skip and jump up to the vista. Get ready to take a backward thrill ride through the Wyld Hunt Camp. 

2 - The Grove - Upper Commons

The Grove, which is the beginning home of the Sylvari, is filled with plant-like structures, flora, and fauna in a peaceful setting. Look up to see beautiful skies and structures. The vista is located northeast of Upper Commons Waypoint, so saunter up the path to take a look. There is a lovely view of the moon and the vista view is a glimpse of the craft stations and if you look closely, the waterfall is hidden within the plants. 

1 - Metrica Province - Hexane Regrade

GmaFog gave you the description of Metrica Province in number 8. In the area of this vista, there is an Asuran Inquest Complex next to a hill and waterfall. You will probably have to fight some bog skale or ettin on the way to this vista.

Running from Hexane Regrade Waypoint, go west around the southern side of the Inquest Outer Complex. Once around go through the archway and tread north up the hill. GmaFog loves this one because it shows how structure and nature are combined with this panorama that is full of gorgeous vegetation and waterfalls surrounding the complex.

Note from GmaFog: This is my final Top 10 Vistas in Tyria for now. There are many other new areas with vistas you can adventure to. Personally, I love to romp to every new scene I can get to even though some are tough without mounts or gliders, so give it your best shot and if you see one that you absolutely love, share it with someone and make a friend! Enjoy your travels through all the new and old lands and I will see you out there, somewhere!

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