The Killer of Imagineeria

This short story was written by a 13 year old girl. Her unlimited imagination has shone through her creativity in art, literature, and roleplay. She is currently working on the 3rd story from this series, now at age 14 while attending a specialty charter school focused in the arts and literature.


Long long ago, in a reality far from our own. There was a planet. A world where people's most exciting dreams could come to life. This world was called Imagineeria.

The creator of this world was a large dragon named GoldenFang with scales of gold and bright blue eyes. It created this world to be perfect for anyone living there. There were miles of lush, green forest and many tall mountains and beautiful oceans. In the clouds lived a race of angels and air dragons. The angels protected all the citizens of Imagineeria from danger.  At this time there wasn't any danger so they just lived normal lives. In the forests there lived the life fairies. The life fairies kept the forest clean and beautiful nurturing all the plants, trees, and animals in it.

In the beautiful oceans lived the water dragons. They kept the water clear and safe for everyone. On top of the water was a village of icebergs. Inside there were beautiful pools of water and the light reflecting through the ice walls made rainbows covering the walls.

In Imagineeria there were also several volcanoes, none of them were really active though. The only one that was, was Mt. Emboro the largest volcano, along the volcanoes edges were small villages where the humans lived.

But as they say, every light casts a shadow. Far away from the joy and happiness of Imagineeria was the dark forest. A gray and withered wood where no life lived. There was a barrier of darkness around it to keep it’s dark storm clouds away from the rest of Imagineeria. It was also there to keep the dark creatures at bay.

No one can live forever. Whenever someone died their soul came to this dark forest. Once a fairy came to this place. She stepped through the barrier and went to the deepest parts of the forest. She wanted to create a creature that could destroy Imagineeria and create the emotion of fear. She used some undead animals and created a new monster…

It had the headead of a dragon with huge horns. gigantic bat wings , claws of an eagle, eight eyes of a spider, long slender body of a snake, and big poisonous tail of a scorpion. He looked at the fairy. Realizing  he was stronger, he  killed her. He spent his whole life trying to take over Imagineeria. His name was Nightmare the 1st. When his time ran close to the end, he made his replacement using magic, Nightmare the 2nd. The Nightmares have been around for thousands of years. They are the ones who are watching when you wake up in the middle of the night. They are what makes you wake up shaking. What makes your heart pound as you sleep. They are your Nightmares.

Chapter 1: The Failed Plan

   Nightmare the 12th slithered back and forth around the cave deep in thought.  His son Ray had just came from deeper in the cave, wearing a dirty purple tee-shirt and ripped jeans. He had blue eyes and dark orange hair with dragon wings on his back.

"Um, dad what are you doing?" Ray asked as he watched he father slither back and forth.

"I'm thinking.." He growled his eight red eyes staring down at the stone floor.

"About what?" Ray asked sitting on a rock.

"I'm trying to think of how to take over the Crystal Fall Forest!" Nightmare hissed flicking his  snakelike tongue.

"Why don't we take over something smaller first... The forest is so full of fairies it's almost as if we were trying to take over GoldenFang's temple!" Ray said watching Nightmare.

Nightmare looked at him. "For once you're right.... Maybe I can take over the rainbow lakes...." Nightmare hissed to himself.

"Wow I'm right for a change whoop de do" Ray said rolling his eyes.

"Lets go! Ray you're coming with!" Nightmare said before shapeshifting into a human with dark purple hair and a green shirt and jeans.  He spread his wings and took off, and Ray followed.

They landed in snow, right in front of a small mountain made of ice. It was actually warm for being made of ice. They walked into the mountain quietly.  Inside light was reflecting everywhere filling the room with rainbows. Nightmare led Ray behind an ice block the watched as a ice dragon warrior walked by.

"Their king lives on top of the largest lake" Nightmare hissed quietly. Ray nodded and flew into the water of one of the lakes. They were all connected. He was right under the largest one, there was a spot covered by ice were the kings throne sat. He flew up knocking the chair into the water, though no one was in it. Suddenly someone tackled ray into the water, it was a dragon warrior.  Ray was grabbed by the wings, and he kicked and punched trying to fight back. He saw another dragon warrior holding nightmare. He heard wings flapping then someone landed in front of them he had brown hair and golden eyes he wore silver armor he had large angel wings he walked up to nightmare.

"Looks like someone had another failed attempt to attack Imagineeria again...." He smiled. Nightmare got his hand loose and smacked him.

"Looks like we're playing cat fight now" he laughed "I'm sick and tired of you two next time I catch you trying to hurt anyone I will banish you both to the underworld" he said angrily. Ray felt a chill down his spine.

"Iceclaw, FrostFang, can you please throw these two back in the dark dimension... I'm too busy to deal with them today..." He smiled politely as the two ice dragons nodded and teleported to the dark realm barrier. They threw Ray and Nightmare in and they both hit the dirt face first. The dragons flew away.

"I hate Blake so much..." Ray said rubbing his head.

Chapter 2: The Caldron

The next morning Ray woke up and looked outside, it was dark as always. He got up and went into the main part of the cave. Nightmare was making sketches on the cave floor with some paint.

"What are you painting?" He asked curiously.

"I'm trying to design something or someone to stop Blake and let us rule!" Nightmare said, still painting.

"But nothing can stop Blake! He's an angel, which means he's immortal" Ray said looking at the paintings.

"Yes but he can be trapped by fear..." Nightmare smiled as he stepped back to look at what he drew. "Yes! I got it!" He said happily he slithered back in the cave and grabbed a rusty caldron.

"Ok Ray, come with me, we need a few things" nightmare smiled. They went outside. Nightmare went to a graveyard and grabbed a dusty dragon skull and a leaf from an old tree, he slithered back and put them in the caldron.

"Ok now we need..." He thought  "A vial of water from the Rainbow Pools, lava from mt. Emboro and a leaf from crystal fall forest" Nightmare smiled.

Ray zoomed off, having written the things his father had needed with paint on his arm.  He took out a vial and flew to the rainbow pools. When he landed at the entrance, he hid as two tall ice dragon warriors walked by. He quickly got a vial of water and put it in his backpack, which he had over one shoulder. He flew up then looked at the paint on his arm.

  "Lava from Mount Emboro..." He thought then grabbed a large magic glass bottle that his mother, Shadowsea had given him. She had said it would help him one day. He flew over the volcano and got some of the lava in the bottle. He then flew over crystal fall forest, grabbed a leaf, then flew back and landed in the cave he walked up to nightmare.

"I have everything!" Ray smiled proudly.

" Good good! Put it all in!!" Nightmare said happily, Ray put everything in the caldron. The caldron bubbled.

"Skull from warrior, lava from mountain, leaf from forest, water from fountain, now stir it faster give DNA from its master....." Nightmare plucked one of his scales and dropped it in, and the caldron shook.

“Thats the corniest magic spell I have ever heard did you write that?” Ray snickered.

“Shut up Ray!” Nightmare hissed and turned to Ray. The liquid in the caldron turned a dark grey. Ray backed up. Then, without warning, the caldron exploded…

Chapter 3: Creature From A Caldron

Nightmare woke up dizzily he was in bed, his vision was blurry. He heard voices his vision refocused. He saw two people, Ray and another boy. He had black hair and pale skin, about Ray’s height. He wore a black hoodie and gray jeans his eyes were pale red he had dragon wings on his back, his face was emotionless and blank, they both looked at Nightmare.

"Good you’re awake" Ray smiled.  The other boy tilted his head and walked over with Ray. Nightmare looked at the boy.

"Who are you?" Nightmare said curiously.

" I'm Raydark, you just created me..." He said blankly. Nightmare stared as he jumped out of bed.

"Wow! I didn't think it would work!" Nightmare said happily

"The blast of him being created knocked you unconscious.. I got you in bed..." Ray smiled

"Not now Ray!" Nightmare hissed looking at Raydark. "I'm wondering Raydark, what if I wasn't your master, what would you do?" Nightmare asked

"I would rip you limb from limb and eat you for dinner" Raydark said. Nightmare and Ray glanced at each other terrified.

"Good thing I'm your master" Nightmare smiled evilly.

"Yay" Raydark said emotionlessly.

" Lets do some training!" Nightmare laughed.

" Finally" Raydark chuckled, following Nightmare. Ray followed at the back.

" Oh Ray can you stay here and clean up?" Nightmare said to him then left, Ray sighed sadly. Nightmare lead Raydark outside to a large open field. The grass was gray and dry. Nightmare turned to face Raydark he flicked his tail.

"You need a weapon don't you..." Nightmare thought out loud he snapped his fingers and waved his bony hand. A knife appeared in his hand. It's blade was made of magical indestructible silver. The handle was black stained wood he handed the knife to Raydark who stared at it he glided his pale finger across the edge of the blade then looked up at nightmare.

"My own dagger.." Raydark smirked showing a tiny hint of pleasure. Nightmare nodded Raydark twirled it in his hand.

"Thank you master" He said and bowed. Nightmare smiled.

"Now I know who will take my place once I die...." Nightmare muttered evilly.

Ray was sweeping the caves when a woman came in. She had long straight black hair, with a gold streak. She wore a dark purple dress and gold bracelets.  She had blood-red paint on her face making a fire shape around her left eye.  Her purple eyes seemed to shine, much as did the charm on her gold necklace.

"Shadowsea!" Ray said happily dropping the broom and running to hug her.

"Now now, calm yourself young one..." Shadowsea smiled hugging him back. "I need to see your father... He is out with his new creation right?" Shadowsea said thinking.

"Yes... How did you know he made a new creation?" Ray asked curiously

" I know all and see all remember..." Shadowsea smiled "But I saw a vision predicting something terrible to happen... I couldn't tell what... I need to warn Nightmare..." Shadowsea said nervously.

"Ok he'll be back soon I think..." Ray said grabbing the broom.

Chapter 4:Cold Waters

Nightmare and Raydark came back in happily Shadowsea stood next to Ray.

"Oh hello Shadowsea what are you doing here?" Nightmare asked curiously Raydark stared at Shadowsea.

"I have predicted great terror coming to us all, we must stop it" Shadowsea said worried.

"Put away the crystal ball for once and look around! Nothing bad could happen!" Nightmare smiled "Oh Raydark, can you and Ray go get some water?"

"Fine..." Ray sighed.

"Lets go then" Raydark said. He and Ray left. Ray walked down the stone path with Raydark behind. It started to rain.

"So... Who was that girl?" Raydark asked as Ray grabbed a bucket.

"Shadowsea, my mom, she is a fortune teller..." Ray sighed.

"What's wrong you seem depressed" Raydark said emotionlessly looking at Ray who had his head down.

"Nothing..." Ray sighed as they both walked toward a large pond.

"Just say it, brothers are supposed to share everything" Raydark said.

"Well... Since you were created my dad has been... ignoring me. He loves you more than me.  Its like I'm not even there, if I died he wouldn't care!" Ray growled.

Raydark sighed. " You’re being foolish. I haven’t even been here for longer than a day.  Of course he will ignore you for a bit, I’m new, you’re the original"

Ray glared at Raydark. "What is that supposed to mean?" Ray growled they came to the largest lake.

“It means that your father has been blinded by my abilities and strengths. So much so that he has forgotten about your abilities” Raydark said

"Lets just get the dang water okay?" Ray said putting the bucket in the water. Then suddenly, something jumped from the water and bit Ray’s hand. The attacker was a piranha. Another bit Ray’s leg, causing him to fall.

"AHHH HELP!!!!!" Ray screamed as the piranhas bit him crazily.

"RAY!!" Raydark gasped trying to jump into the water when a piranha bit his arm he fell onto the dirt in pain pure black blood pouring down his arm.

"NOOOOOO!!" Raydark cried. The water became dark red.

Meanwhile Shadowsea was meditating she gasped, then ran to the lake. It had started raining she ran through the rain she came to the lake to see Raydark panicking.

"What going on?! Where's Ray?!" She said shakily.

"H-he fell in... I-I tried to save him..." Raydark said tears running down his pale face. Shadowsea concentrated, her eyes now were glowing white the piranhas froze in place she jumped into the cold water. She saw Ray at the bottom she swam down to him and grabbed his right arm she couldn't see in the blood filled water. She swam to the top gasping for air she put Ray on the surface she rubbed her eyes and looked at Ray. She screamed then gagged.  Raydark stared shocked.

Ray’s left arm and leg were now all bone, his shirt was ripped.  His ribcage was visible, his cold unmoving heart beyond that, the left side of his face was all bone. He was covered in blood and water.

"Ray......" Raydark said tears running down his face.

"I-I'm so sorry... I-I tried to help..." Shadowsea said wiping her tears. "There is nothing else I could do....."

Chapter 5: The Funeral

Thunder crashed and lightning screeched through the skies of the dark forest.  The wind was bitter and cold, yet it didn’t bother Raydark, who was sitting in a dying tree. Letting himself be battered by the wind and rain. This was a new emotion for him, loss, and depression. Ray had been angry with him when he had fallen into the water, when the piranhas tore him apart… This thought drove Raydark crazy.

Shadowsea stepped outside.

“Raydark come inside, we will be holding Ray’s funeral” Shadowsea sighed. Raydark climbed out of the tree and went inside.

"Why must you leave, why must you die? We all will fall, we all will cry. Now you must rise... This can’t be your demise... I give you power, your heart shall beat soon. With the power of the moon!" She sang, and Ray's hand twitched a bit.  She almost screamed but covered her mouth. Ray's eyes opened, glowing yellow. He sat up, his face emotionless, and Shadowsea stared in shock.

### To Be Continued in Issue 7 ###


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