The Root Of The Problem in Grothmar Valley

GmaFog was having a great time wandering around in Grothmar Valley map clearing. The only point she was having trouble with was the POI in the Shattered Steppes area. This last POI was making her crazy! After finally finding the door, it was locked and she couldn’t get in. How in the heck do you get in through the door? The root of the problem was how do you get access to this Point of Interest! Well, one kind soul said, “Follow me,” showed her where to start and then pointed GmaFog in the correct direction to get in. The following guide will pave your way to the true path into Recon Cove!

First, you have to go to the north part of the Wardowns where you will find an Ash Legion camp with three tents. Go into the large tent with the bonfire from east opening and onto the storage cabinet on the right. There are markings on the desk which change daily. You need to write down the order of the markings (left to right) and then go to the trees and interact, only once, with each of the chosen trees. Please note that if you touch the wrong tree, you will burn and lose health.

The tree symbols are on the base of the trunk and will be visible to the eye. GmaFog will try to move in a clockwise circle to find each one and give you the general directions. You will have to use your great vision and ingenuity to find the symbols on the trunks. Below is a drawing of the 8 tree symbols and Gma’s description of them. Following the 9 markers on the map (photo #5) will guide you in your quest:

The Red X is the Ash Legion Camp which is straight north of Wardowns Waypoint. Once you arrive, make sure you take a screenshot or write down the symbols on the top hutch.

#1 Tree at the Green Arrow - GmaFog likes to call this one her smiley face. To get there, just face south from the big tent and you will see a big tree on a hill. When you are near the tree with the symbol you will get a “Touch” button to come up. If this is your first symbol for the day, remember to just click once.

#2 Tree on the Purple Circle - has a drawing similar to a tent. All you need to do is angle yourself a bit southwest of tree #1 and across the road. You should see the tree on the east side of the path, up on a very little shelf.

#3 Tree at the Red Heart reminds Gma of a glider. Just head a little more southeast and symbol is on the tree across the road closest to the edge.

#4 Tree on the Blue Square looks like a Tent with 3 lines inside. This symbol is on a small tree down off the ledge just across the path to the west.

#5 Tree at the Green Star reminds GmaFog of wind lines. You will need to go south from the little tree into a grove of trees. The symbol tree is on the right side of the grove, about halfway through.

#6 Tree on the Teal Spiral seems to look like a hand grasping a sprout. As you head northwest, follow the rockface and jump up the edge to this tree. You might have to go further north to find a way up without a mount.

#7 Tree at the Pink Triangle reveals a straight-face smiley.  All you need to do is hop up one level to the west and the tree is in your path.

#8 Tree on the Yellow X is tough to pick out because the symbol blends in with the tree. This one is northwest and on a large tree that stands out on a hill. You might have to doubletake to see the symbol but there you will definitely see the large tree.

Let’s review the steps now that you know where the trees are located:

  1. Go to the Ash Legion camp and find the four symbols of the day.
  2. Go to each tree with the correct symbols in order, going left to right, remembering to only interact once with each tree.
  3. The last tree will give you a prompt to go through into Recon Cove. Say, “Go through”
  4. You’re Done! Look around because there are many hidden achievements to find in the cave!

I really appreciate the way ArenaNet gives us a challenge in these new areas. It is a joy to figure these problems out with friends and finding out what is behind the locked doors. Even though the beginning frustration of not locating the entrance, I enjoyed the hunt for the symbols on the trees. Very well done!

Happy Adventuring!

Published: November 14th, 2019   |  10,241 Reads

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