Top 10 Hidden Place in Guild Wars 2

Gma Fog made her top ten list by deciding which was the most beautiful and the best hidden in her eyes. She isn’t the best jumper, so they also had to be easy to get to. If Gma Fog can adventure to these places, so can you.

Gma Fog loves finding hiding places where she can retreat away from her foe. It’s a time for her to take a breath and regroup. Unfortunately, some of her best hidden places aren’t as quiet as she would like. In the list below, Gma will let you know if you fight your way in, otherwise there will be a bit of running, swimming and/or jumping. Enjoy the views.


#10 Diverse Ledges


This place is one of the first areas Gma had trouble with in Guild Wars 2. She wasn’t a good swimmer and always had trouble finding the Lion statues. Through practice, it becomes easier to find and is a part of the Lion’s Arch Exterminator Achievement.

Go to Lion’s Arch at Diverse Ledges Waypoint. Head to the water and swim east. Move down to the 2 lion statues. Swim up the stair into the seaweed.

When you get to the cave, jump up on the big rock, look up and contemplate. If you are doing the achievement, there is a karka in the waterfall. Follow the little path west out of the cavern, you can buy ectoplasms at the merchant. At the end of that same path there is an exit just below the waypoint. Problem is, once you jump down on that path, there is no way to get back except going back around. Verify everything you want to do is done before making that jump.



9 Farshore Vista and Jumping Puzzle


Farshore Vista viewer is one of the spookiest to watch all the way through. But the little area around the vista is a nice quiet place where you can rest, once you finally find it. Phew!

Go to Lion’s Arch. Head to Farshore waypoint and go behind Tokk’s mill. Jump hay bales in the back of the mill. Then jump down and run through bushes.

Stay to the left to another bush, find your way through. If you are having issues seeing, scroll in for first person mode, to see the path. Once you pass through the bushes go up the rocks on the left. There is a vista and entrance to a jumping puzzle at the top.



#8 Griffonrock Run


Getting to Griffonrock is a tough one to find. Swimming through the fissures and tunnels is one of the toughest tests for this impressive sight. When you pop out of the water the view of all the pillars is awe-inspiring. Once you get to the start of the jumping puzzle the site of all the griffons and their nests is breathtaking.

Go to False Lake Waypoint in Lornar’s Pass. Run past the camp into the water just south of the island.

Heading north of the heart, there is a patch of seaweed with metal plates. On the west side of this seaweed there is a passageway in.


Once you find your way in, there is another fissure southwest. Using first person view at this point is a good thing. Once you have found it, turn northwest and swim through the tunnel. Go to the teleporter (it is a shining ball of light) and interact with it. It will pop you up to the start of the jumping puzzle. You can enjoy the sights from a few different vantage points before fighting the Griffons. This is as far as Gma went. In the past, she has jumped the puzzle using a mesmer for every time she fell off. It is a demanding trial to jump. A group event is more fun on this one.



#7 Gladefall Run Vista


Gladefall Run is a fairly easy jump to get to. On the way there, drakes and minotaurs come your way, so there is a bit of a fight on the way to the ledges. You follow the edge of a cliff around with vines hanging in your sights. A vet ram is waiting for you at the vista and rich platinum vein. The rewards are great at the end, but don’t forget to look around the landscape. It is beautiful.

Go to Iron Marches at Gladefall Run Waypoint. Run southwest across the water, up the hill and turn right. Follow the structure around to the right and head back to the edge of the hill. Jump the ledge around until you get close to the bridge leading to the vista.



#6 Wildspine Hills (Dolyak Resting Place)


The Dolyak Resting Place has a wonderful story behind it. The view at the end is magnificent. There are a few obstacles on your way, but nothing that is too hard. Be aware of your surroundings. Here is a hint: Watch the bandits before you fight them. But do fight them on the way in or you are destined to fight them on the way out.

Go to Harathi Hinterlands at Wildspine Hills which is the southeast corner of the map. At Grey Gritta’s Waypoint go southeast, just before the dolyaks resting place. There is a hero point there. When you see a dying dolyak, revive him before he dies and lead his spirit into his resting place. Where is that you ask?

Between the 2 trees by the mountain is a tunnel. Fight your way into the cave. When the Doylak disappears in the cavern a Veteran named Slick Ricki comes out to fight. After the skirmish, there is some rich iron to collect and look over the wondrous view inside the cavern.



#5 The House of Riannoc


This space is very easy to get to and the sight is amazing. Glowing sky, waterfalls on the rocks, and little rooms with beds and dining areas around the ramps.

Go to the The Grove toward the house of Riannoc. Proceed to the house of Riannoc by heading northeast around the building to the bridge. It is west of the House of Niamh. Once on the bridge, pass the flat spot and jump off to right. Turn completely around and you will find some ramps on the other side of the overpass. Follow the second ramp up to the roof, turn right and go up to the little dwellings.



#4 Secluded Glen


The northwest corner of Fields of Ruin is so daunting and depressing, with branded critters to fight everywhere you move. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, hidden back in the corner. It is worth the fight to get there.

Go to Fields of Ruin at Tenaebron Waypoint. Move southwest up the hill and go through the camp past the heart person. Proceed down the hill, west to the outcrops around the bend. There is a wall of purple/pink mist.

Walk through the wall and surprise. There is a beautiful secluded glen and hero point.  A little refuge among all the dark and dreary outside.



#3 Anya’s Strawberry Patch


Anya’s Strawberry Patch is so entertaining. Talk to Anya and you will see what I mean. It is one of the toughest to get to but if Gma Fog can do it, so can you! It is worth the challenge to get there.

Go to Diessa Plateau at Nolan’s waypoint. Travel west toward the vista. When you are at the vista turn south against the wall, behind the gears. Jump up on the ledge.

There will be another gear to jump on to your left. After jumping up the gear and facing the 2 pipes to the north, there is a ledge on the right. Jump there first and then jump into the pipe on the right. Go through the pipe and jump up where the pipe is broken. A beautiful strawberry patch is out on the top of the outcrop to the right. Don’t forget to talk to Anya for a bit of entertainment.



2 - Lake Doric Hidden Vista


Lake Doric’s hiding spot is well hidden. It took Gma Fog multiple times to find the passage, let alone the way up to the vista, since the stairs go every which way. Once you get to the top, the view is so colorful with flowers, trees, bubbles and updrafts every way you turn. Just a splendid eye opening area.

Go to Lake Doric at the Lakeside Bazaar Waypoint. Turn toward the line of 3 buildings and go to the furthest building to the right. Go through the back door on the right. Once out the door, follow the rocks around on the left side. There is an event that pops here so have your best armor on and be ready to fight. Stop at the trees and turn directly left.

Proceed up the stairs, take a right and a right again and keep going up the stairs until you see the mushrooms to gather. Jump up on left side of the ledge in front of you. The vista is up on the right.



#1 The Garden of Dawn


The Garden of Dawn is Gma’s Favorite place. Very easy to get to and is a magnificent view of the trees and waterfalls glistening in the sunlight.

Go to Ronan’s waypoint in The Grove. To get to the Garden of Dawn move north on the road and when you come to the House of Aife there is a pond to the west. Dive in and swim north. Enjoy the view.

This is dedicated to Aoibheann, a wonderful friend. She was one of the first to help me in Guild Wars 2 showing me many hidden sites, jumping puzzles and helping with achievements through the 3.5 years I’ve been playing. I would also like to thank all the wonderful Gaiscioch members including, Gilliebod, Old Goat, Kitty, Winterlight, Briseadh, and Smitty as they took the time to share their thoughts with me as I was looking for the Hidden Places.


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