Up! Up! And Away!: Top Ten Kryta Vista Views

Kryta is one of GmaFog’s favorite places to adventure. Even though the region is full of human inhabitants, you will see the other races in one place or another. She loves the multiple landscapes you can find including lakes, swamps, rocky mountains, caves, and the plateaus of grass overlooking the valleys. The towns are made of rock and stucco buildings, whereas the camps have lots of tents and lean-tos. Some of the camps are nestled among trees and others are in dry rocky areas or terraced up the mountainside. The Krytan zones GmaFog selected for her top ten are from: Lion’s Arch, Divinity’s Reach, Queensdale, Kessex Hills, Gendarran Fields, Harathi Hinterlands, Bloodtide Coast, and Lake Doric. She will not show you pictures of the actual vista view because she didn’t want to spoil the adventure of experiencing them for yourself. Instead GmaFog will be your guide to what she feels are the best vista views in the area. 

These top ten Kryta vistas were very tough for GmaFog to choose because there were so many spectacular views, however, she’s sure you will love some, if not all, the vistas you watch in Kryta. Enjoy the adventure!

Note: Make sure you put your graphics on best appearance to get the full experience of beauty. On GmaFog’s pictures, there are shapes to lead you on the minimap. Follow shapes on mini map in the order below: Arrow, Circle, Heart, Square, Star, Swirl, as these will lead you to the spectacular view. 

#10 - Divinity’s Reach: Ossan Quarter

From Ossan Waypoint, move east to the up elevator, turn west and go down the stairs following the path. When you get to the rooftop turn right and wander to the end of the roof. Enjoy the wonderful view of Ossan Quarter. It is also a great place to test out your griffon or glider.

#9 - Harathi Hinterlands: Cloven Hoof Pass

From Junction Camp Waypoint, amble clockwise around the camp. As you follow the path around, just before the north exit, huff and puff up the hill, jump the tent on the left and up to the rock behind. Move counterclockwise around the rock-face until you see the vista. You will drop down one level and over to another plateau, just before you come to your objective. In the vista scene, there will be many areas of the camp. Can you find the entrance to the cave in the vista view?

#8 - Kessex Hills: Lycroft Mere

From Shadowheart Site Waypoint, wade east across the creek to the large tree. Maneuver counterclockwise up the tree onto the mushrooms, then hop up two boulders to the tree branch. Once on the limb, rise up onto the last mushroom platform to the vista. This sylvari outpost, Lycroft Mere, is full of brilliant waterfalls and plant life. 

#7 - Lion’s Arch: Inner Harbor

From Eastern Ward Waypoint, meander southwest down the path and up the hill to the cliff where Klagg is sitting. Have a conversation with him and say “You Bet” to volunteer to get shot onto the vista. Aim at the boulder with the #1 key (Note that currently, you need to target the closest part or you will overshoot and miss the rock entirely). This is a great overlook of Deverol Gardens, the coastal bridge, and other Lion’s Arch dwellings.

#6 - Gendarran Fields: Vigil Keep

From Vigil Keep Waypoint, march down the ramp and to the south, following the road out of the keep. When you get to the Y- intersection, sprint north up the hill to the vista, dodging all the minotaurs. Once you arrive, you will witness a beautiful view of the keep and surrounding scenery.

#5 - Queensdale: Eldvin Monastery

From Krytan Waypoint, skip merrily west up the hill and move toward the vista. The panorama will reveal the awesome Eldvin Monastery with the vineyard and winery. 

#4 - Bloodtide Coast:  Jelako Cliffrise

From Jelako Waypoint, wander north toward the coastline, following it south around the shipwrecks to the vista. Directly in front of the vista, facing southwest, there are boulders to hop up. It reveals a spectacular scene of the coastline and rock walls of Jelako Cliffrise.

#3 - Divinity’s Reach: The Upper City

From Palace Waypoint, mosey southwest down the path. You will see the vista on the left, so head to the east-side of the circular structure and jump up clockwise around the spiral of planters to the top. The vista view is an outstanding glimpse of the Upper City.

#2 - Lake Doric - The Secret Garden

From the Lakeside Bazaar Waypoint, scamper south and around the buildings into a tunnel pathway. Take a left, peek behind the shrub to find the cave entrance, and move up the stairs. When you come to the Y-intersection, go right and climb up more stairs to the south and keep rising to the top by going clockwise. When you run out of stairs, head northwest through a cleft in the rocks and proceed straight to the rock face and spring up. When reaching the top platform you will see the vista to the south. GmaFog has always loved the colors, waterfalls, and floating objects in this magnificent scene.

#1 - Gendarran Fields: Cornucopian Fields

From Applenook Hamlet Waypoint, progress south around the building and southwest under the pipe. Make a left turn when you get to the heart person and a sharp left again around the west-side of the house. Run back to the pipe, hop up, then race down the top of the pipeline, jump up to the roof where the vista is located and enjoy the clip of Cornucopian Fields and the rotating windmill. What are they building in the background of the vista view?

Kryta is one of the first areas many new players explore and the vistas provide an introduction to the Tyrian world. It is one of the most amazing places to visit in PVE, not only for the great fights but for the awesome comrades and scenery too. Take your time, as you experience all that Guild Wars 2 has to offer. For experienced players, revisiting the vistas can provide a greater appreciation of what you’re seeing. GmaFog hopes you are enjoying the top ten vista views. 

Stay tuned for the next top ten!

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