EA Press Conference - E3 2015

Mass Effect Andromeda

The next Mass Effect debuts Holiday 2015 as many long time fans have awaited this game to arrive. Critically acclaimed, this next chapter seeks to raise the bar as it premiers on Playstation 4 and XBOX One.

Star Wars Battlefront

In the announcement I'm pretty sure everyone in the room was waiting for, EA showed Starwars Battlefront. This title offers 8 different play modes. Experience nail biting X-Wing battles, wield a light saber as a jedi. All modes feature solo, cooperative, or vs play. Play as either Empire or Rebel with your friends in this FPS Star Wars battle simulator. Coming November 17th, 2015.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

One of the most unique games of the past decade has finally been granted a sequel. You play Faith, a elegant and graceful freerunner. In this first person adventure you will be awestruck by the wonderful graphics made possible by the Frostbite engine. This rendition is completely loadscreen free and features the backstory to Faith. See how this heroine was born and take freerunning to the next level. Mirror's Edge Catalyst is scheduled to launch on February 23rd, 2016.

Need for Speed

If you're a racing game fan and have played games for the past two and a half decades you're most likely familiar with Need for Speed. This series took a massive tangent from it's roots and got lost somewhere in the chase for fresh new ideas. This game returns to it's roots and goes back to what players knew and loved. This takes us back to the days of Underground and Carbon and gives us an all new next generation experience.

This open environment is twice the size of Carbon and features the frostbite engine. With promise of brilliantly rendered graphics and a huge amount of customization features. Even the story has been reworked to give us an adrenaline pumping experience. Could this be the Need for Speed we've wanted all these years? On November 3rd we'll find out.

Star Wars the Old Republic

An all new Bioware story is coming to the MMORPG Star Wars the Old Republic in the Knights of the Fallen Empire this October for free to all subscribers. This chapter allows you to take sides in the upcoming battles. With new characters and worlds to explore, this expansion gives players the opportunity to experience the best storytelling that Bioware has to offer.


Imagine if mom's knitting got caught up inside your Playstation? Unravel is a unique game out of Sweden where you play a character made entirely out of yarn. As you walk through life you unravel. This game is giving a real neat perspective on life and how we leave traces of ourselves in everything we do. This puzzle platformer brings an inspiring story to gamers. This game looks to bring the gameplay of Little Big Planet to a rich story that compels us to push forward. Wandering through gardens, freeways, and homes this little guy is on a quest to find home. Prepare for a heartwarming adventure.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

In the next chapter of the Plants vs Zombies series, the plants go on the offensive. Complete with a 4 player cooperative mode you can join your friends to lay waste to your foes it what looks to be one of the wackiest 3rd person shooter titles releasing this year. If you were a fan of Fur Fighters, Fairytale Fights, or the original Plants vs Zombies you're in for a real treat. Additionally this will be the first time that you can play the entire game as a Single player. You can additionally play split screen and all of your Garden Warfare characters will transfer over to the sequel. They are also committed to giving free content updates. Look for it in the Spring of 2016.

EA Sports

As expected EA Sports debuted a couple new renditions of the fan favorite spots titles.


Not a whole lot was discussed but they did show a few minutes of footage.


The highlights of the demo include all new face scanning tech where you can use a mobile app to scan your face to create your own character that looks like you. This feature is exclusive to NBA LIVE 16. You can update your swag off the court. An all new control system allows you to control when you release the ball.


Madden 16

Robert Flores introduced the all new Madden 16. In this year's Madden, you can play the Draft Champions which allows you to experience the fun of the fantasy draft every day. Choose from 3 players in each round in a total of 15 rounds. In addition you have the Legends to bring the best hall of fame grade players into today's game. If you're a Madden fan there's plenty of new features on their way. This version rebuilds several mechanics from the ground up including passing, receiving, and defending. Players will now have options on how they approach passing and catching.

EA Mobile

EA Mobile is bringing you several improvements to their system and games. Additionally they gave a first look at Minions Paradise.