Microsoft Press Conference - E3 2015

As Bonnie Ross took the stage the anticipation in the room grew. What could Microsoft have up their sleeves this year? What was going to be their big reveal?

Feature List

Backwards Compatibility

Throughout the press conference Phil Spencer announced some major improvements to the XBOX One. Most noticeably was the announcement for backwards compatibility. This function will bring hundreds of games to the XBOX One library, and offers you the ability to play with players on both XBOX One and XBOX 360.

XBOX Elite Controller

Microsoft reveals new XBOX Elite Customizable Controller complete with hair trigger locks, swappable parts, sensitivity controls, designed specifically for XBOX One and Windows 10.

XBOX Game Preview

Gain early access to the Long Dark, Sheltered, Elite Dangerous, and DayZ in this new feature that allows gamers to preview games before they're released. This is an exclusive new feature from Microsoft and the XBOX One team.

The Lineup

Halo 5: Guardians

Bonnie opened with Halo 5: Guardians a new chapter designed especially for the XBOX One technology.  In the short gameplay demo we watched as a team of spartans gets ambushed. They race to avoid falling debris and bombs from airborne ships.

Halo's technology has definitely improved over the years taking it's action packed cinematics and placing them directly into the gameplay content. By the end of the gameplay demo you're convinced that the game has managed to take cutscenes and make them gameplay.

Feature wise, you are able to play 2 distinct cooperative campaigns with drop in drop out functionality.

Warzone is a 24 person cooperative and multiplayer battle mode that you can play against NPC's or against other players.

World Premiere

From the creator of Metroid Prime comes a new fantastic tale of survival in a desolate world overrun by robots. You play a young lady who seeks companionship from robots using a blue power core that can be taken and placed into any deactivated robot. This new title is an exclusive for XBOX One.

Fallout 4

Todd Howard from Bethesda Games took to the stage and demonstrated his new title Fallout 4.  Fallout 4 offers you the ability to pull up your pipboy on your smartphone or tablet. For the 4th chapter of Fallout, Bethesda built an all new game engine known as the creation engine.

As you venture through the world you can make new allies that follow you into battle or enemies just by making a choice. The traditional precision targeting mode is back and ready to make heads explode. Fallout 4 offers the most ambitious game world ever created by Bethesda.

In the most ambitious announcement ever. Bethesda and Microsoft announced that all mods created on the PC will be freely available to all XBOX One players. This crossover in mod making has never happened before and offers the game limitless gameplay potential.

World Premier
Plants vs Zombies 2

EA took to the stage to announce Plants vs Zombies 2 a new comedic chapter in the PvZ series. With a simple opening speech and a short trailer not much was revealed other than a short cinematic trailer.

Forza 6

In what I would say was the most unique speaker, Henry Ford III took the stage to introduce Forza Motorports 6 exclusively for the XBOX One. Featuring 26 world famous destinations this title releases september 16th.

World Premiere
Dark Souls 3

FromSoftware announced their next chapter in the Dark Souls series in a beautiful yet solemn trailer featuring massive creatures towering above buildings.  This one is certain to drive gamers crazy.

Tom Clancy's The Division

In the new Ubisoft title, Laurent Detoc gave us a little more information about Tom Clancy's The Division. In this title you play as one of the last hopes for humanity as part of the Division. In this series you play a reactivated soldier. XBOX One users will have exclusive access to the Division Beta.

Rainbow SIx SIege

Rainbow Six Siege will also be released with fully playable versions of Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 thanks to the new backwards capability. Rainbow Six Siege brings you classic Counter Strike style gameplay with destructible environments and the tactical features of the Rainbow Six series.


The world of Gigantic was introduced as a XBOX One and Windows 10 exclusive. This new free to play MOBA is set to take the stage this fall.


The first XBOX One and Microsoft 10 cross playable title takes us into space in ION.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

We gained a new fresh look at the Rise of the Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamics. The world is breathtaking just as we expected from this rebirth of the classic game series. This short demo has Laura and a companion climbing a giant ice wall, narrowly escaping falling ice and a near tragedy. To make matters worse a full fledge avalanche makes matters even more complicated as laura races against time to find shelter. This title is certain to bring out the thrill seeker in all of us. Prepare for an adventure that pits you again man and nature in this treasure hunting adrenaline rush.

Rare Replay

30 Hit Titles from RARE come at you in one collection. Among them is my personal favorite Conker's Bad Fur Day! I typically have shied away from XBOX One however this title alone makes me reconsider my position. Along with Conker comes the following games.

Sea of Thieves

The next Rare title brings us a new title from this legendary studio by the name of Sea of Thieves. It features a lush game world to explore filled with mystery and loot. This swashbuckling adventure allows you to play with several friends as you sail the seas in search of adventure and bounty. Engage in epic sea battles with your friends in this new adventure.

Fable Legends

This Free-2-Play title will be cross platform functional so that you can play this title on both XBOX One and Windows 10 seamlessly. You can even swap between the two and continue playing your characters.


Microsoft reveals Hololense support for Minecraft. With this new feature you can put your adventure anywhere you like. On a wall, on a table, anywhere you see fit. This new feature will put a new depth to gameplay. The future is here. The downside is that while you're interacting with your gameworld, you roommates might commit you to an asylum. You thought bluetooth headsets made people look crazy, this is taking it to the new level. Complete with weather control and zombie pigmen!

Gears of War Ultimate Edition

The original game, rebuilt for 1080p and 60fps in this rebirth of an XBOX Classic shooter.



World Premiere
Gears 4

From the studio that brought you Gears of War comes a new 3rd person adventure that pits you against the uncontrollable forces of nature and vicious monsters. Gears 4 brings the hit series to an all new level.

The Indie Game Lineup


Fullbright Studio took us into the new game of Tacoma. This space adventure you play Amy Ferrier, an astronaut who finds herself alone depending on the voice of a computer to help her solve the mystery behind the disappearance of her crew.


This medieval adventure brings a very unique art style to the XBOX One. Solve mysteries, make new allies and fight off scary monsters in this new adventure game from AURORA44.

Beyond Eyes

Tiger & squid brings us the story of a blind girl. The game is shown as a hand painted watercolor esque world that appears as sound, smell and touch become available. This will be a unique title offered to the XBOX One players.


This animated platformer title takes players way back. To the art style of the original mickey mouse and felix the cat cartoons. This brings 1936 into 2015. If you're a platformer fan and enjoy classic cartoons you'll be certain to enjoy this title.

The Wrapup