Square Enix Press Conference - E3 2015

Just Cause 3

This wonderfully addicting series has gone to the next level. Introducing the wing suit, multiple grapple hooks, and tension control. This over the top action title puts your favorite action movies in one explosive game. This rendition brings an all new engine built for next gen consoles and supports destructible terrain.

Nier Sequel

Production has just begun on the new chapter to the Nier series. The presentation was, a little awkward to say the least but many will be very excited to see this new Nier title.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

The sequel to the widely acclaimed Tomb Raider rebirth is nearly here. With this game series being famous for creating memorable adventures combined with action packed gameplay. The team went through great lengths to create the most realistic Lara Croft ever. Even the scars she acquired in the first game can be seen on her body. Everything down to skin pores are visible on the next gen technology. With improved facial expressions and eye movement this chapter takes realism to an all new level.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

If you understood Japanese you might have taken something away from this, however without a translator many of us were left scratching our head. We then were shown the same Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer as we saw during the Playstation Press Conference.

Kingdom Hearts III

Immediately following the Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key presentation and the disappointed audience, Square Enix redeemed itself by introducing Kingdom Hearts III. This got the fans cheering again. Not a lot of information was shared however we did hear that there would be a crossover from Frozen into the world of Kingdom Hearts III. In addition we did get an all new gameplay video showing us the broad landscapes and new heights you'll be able to reach in this third part of the Kingdom Hearts series coming to next gen consoles.

World of Final Fantasy

This new chapter of Final Fantasy is a reimagined concept that tries to create a platform that parents and children can play together.  Look for this title coming 2016.


Enter the world of assassination in IO Interactive's new concept based on the Hitman series. Created as an ever expanding content platform. Missions will appear on your dossier that are only available for a limited time. Each day new missions appear and new content continuously flows into the game seamlessly.  With a limitless number of Missions and ways to execute the mission. This is one of the most ambitious Hitman titles yet. Coming December 8th 2015.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Square Enix Montreal gave us our first look at gameplay within Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with it's new Gameplay trailer. Coming to next gen console and PC early 2016.

Square Enix Mobile

Lara Croft GO

From the team that brought you Hitman GO and Hitman Sniper comes the next mobile title from your favorite hit series. Lara Croft is making her mobile debut in Lara Croft GO. In this turn based experience rendition releasing soon on mobile platforms.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key

In what was probably the biggest troll move of the 2015 E3, Square Enix lead into this one stating that after a long wait they finally show us their next Kingdom Hearts. The crowd went wild as they expected Kingdom Hearts III however the game we saw was Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key for iPhone and Android. There was very little applause after the conclusion.