Conqueror's Blade Siege Test Giveaway

Good News Commander! If you weren’t able to make it to the battlements for last week's Conqueror’s Blade siege test then you haven’t missed out quite yet. Not only can you catch up with how the Weekend Warriors got on over on Twitch, but you can also join us this weekend as we push deeper into enemy territory.

From November 2-4th, and Booming games are throwing down the gauntlet to for another siege test. This time things are bigger and more brutal than before. Owners of the game’s founder packs and the Weekend Warriors will be testing out a whole new realm of combat. You can also join us in this exploration of’s new MMORPG. We’ve got 20 passes to giveaway for this. All you have to do is enter below and you could join us as we impale our enemies, all for the kids.

Round 1 - Nov 1-2nd

Conqueror's Blade Siege Test Giveaway

Round 2 - Nov 2-3rd

Conqueror's Blade Siege Test Access - Round 2

This time around, the extended siege test gives players access to both the Steelmate Creek and Wall Fort maps. This includes both 8v8 and 15v15 instances. It also provides a whole host of new ways to impale your adversaries. The Cossack Swordsman, Levy Spearman, Levy Archer, Levy Arquebusier, and Dagger –Axe Scout are all included for this battle. If you fancy joining us then enter above, and join us as we take our Extra Life charity stream into Conqueror’s Blade at 1PM Pacific Time.

You can find out more about this new MMORPG, and pick up a founders pack, at the official website.

About Conqueror's Blade

Produced by Booming Games following 5 years of development, Conqueror’s Blade represents a flagship sandbox PC warfare game that goes across ancient Eastern and Western civilizations. Conqueror’s Blade’s core design is innovativeness which hybrids action and tactic game plays. Player enjoys smooth hero action combat and sophisticated tactic control of corps together. The game perfectly recreates weapons, armors and corps of many civilizations such as European sword knight, and Swiss halberdier. Besides that, the game unprecedentedly ushers in splendid “world sandbox” featuring the most complimented game play in Conqueror’s Blade. In this connection, Players can acquire vast territory. With an aim of mirroring Medieval history, Conqueror’s Blade strives unremittingly to deliver immersive and authentic conqueror’s warfare experience to our players.

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