Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Winds of Magic Sweep Onto the Battlefield Soon

If you've been waiting for your fix of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 content, get ready for Wings of Magic, the first expansion to one of Gaiscioch Magazine's Best of 2018 titles. This expansion brings with it a wealth of new content including the ability to face off with Beastmen! Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund summarizes it.

This is the next chapter in the Vermintide 2 saga. New enemies bring new challenges for the players, and we know that our amazing community is ready to fend them off.

Diving into this expansion players can find:

Heroes - prepare for Beastmen
The Beastmen enter Vermintide 2, and will keep the heroes on their toes. The horned warrior-beasts are the true children of Chaos. These warp-spawned hybrids of animals and primitive humans will be the toughest enemy faction our Heroes have faced.

Helmgart, the new windy city
One noticeable new addition in the Winds of Magic expansion to Vermintide 2 are the new enemies, but as the title of the expansion hints, it is the Winds that will play a crucial part of the new adventure.   

New gameplay
Each Wind of Magic will bring different gameplay to the players. A total of eight winds will confront the players in new and surprising ways, and offer close to an endless difficulty curve to challenge the toughest of the Vermintide 2 heroes.

Top of the Top, Best of the Best
Winds of Magic brings leaderboards, and there will no longer be a question of who’s the best. Can you beat the mighty player known as Krokben?

So polish up those blades and get ready because the Winds of Magic sweep onto the battlefield soon.  Be sure to head over to Steam to learn more about this exciting expansion that has us over at Gaiscioch Magazine buzzing!

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You and your allies are the only force standing against the onslaught of the mighty warriors of Chaos and the hordes of Skaven. If you fall, so shall the Empire.

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