Neverwinter: 4 Relics of Éire

The story begins as the Tuatha Dé Danann have enlisted your service to assist them in the recovery of the 4 Relics of Éire which hold the power to enslave all mankind. The Sword of Nuada, The Cauldron of Dagda, The Spear of Lug, and the Lia Fáil have gone missing. Investigate their disappearance and recover these artifacts before they can be used to destroy all of Éire.

This story will introduce you to 5 of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Dagda, Nuada, Lug, Ogham, and Danann herself. Through the course of the story you will retrieve each of these artifacts from each of 4 villians of the Mythological Cycle of Irish Mythology. You will face off with Balor The Evil Eye and his legion of Formorians, Sreng and the Fir Bolg, the sorcerer Mathgen and his legion of undead, and the power thirsty Tethra.

Each of these Tuatha Dé Danann, villains, and relics are part of the history of the Irish people. If you wish to research them you might find it quite interesting. The Lia Fáil for example is also known as the Stone of Destiny and for centuries it has cried out for the ruler of Ireland. It is said to posses a mystic power that can control people's loyalties. It has been sought after by hundreds of warlords over the centuries including Adolf Hitler.

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